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Interactive Alphabet - ABC

See, hear, and trace the abcs!

  • iPad, iPhone
  • Paid
  • age 2+

About Interactive Alphabet - ABC

Interactive Alphabet ABC’s is great for early learners. The app offers different skill levels depending on the child’s cognitive ability. 

Teacher Review

With individual focus on letters and their sound, each letter has its own screen with a fun cause and effect activity. Even early learners without the basic understanding of letters and their sounds will enjoy this app and begin developing pre-reading skills.

The app focuses on letters and their sounds, but each letter has its own screen with a fun cause and effect activity. Every letter has its own set of surprises! Even your youngest learner will enjoy the cause and effect activity, even if they don't yet have an understanding of letters and their sounds.

The cause and effect activity is activated by just touching the screen with any part of your hand (finger, or open hand). When you choose a letter, then the corresponding screen appears and the letter name and sound is stated. We found when trialing this with children who have delayed language development, that they were very motivated to repeat the sounds after they heard it. The app uses very colorful and fun illustrations as well as fun background music. It is very entertaining and the child is learning without even realizing it! It is an app that can be used independently by the child or as teaching tool with an adult.

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iPad, iPhone



Creative Development
Academic Relevance


In-App Purchases - No

In-App Advertising - No


Piikea St. LLC

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  • Interactive Alphabet - ABCInteractive Alphabet - ABCInteractive Alphabet - ABCInteractive Alphabet - ABCInteractive Alphabet - ABC


Set the stage for reading success. Kids learn their ABCs through play when they make the 'D'inosaur
roar, 'Z'ip the Zipper, and more!

Every letter is a unique, interactive toy! The memorable flash cards engage children in learning and
aid in development.

✓ Universal app for iPad/iPhone/iPod: You can use it at home or on the go! Buy it once, take it everywhere.
✓ Develops reading foundational skills
✓ Uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and phonics sounds
✓ Memorable and unique interactivity keep your child coming back for more
✓ Fun and upbeat Original Music -- keeps you dancing, not wincing (parent friendly!)
✓ Sing along to the Alphabet/ABC song!
✓ Baby Mode option (Auto advances cards every 15 seconds)
✓ Phonic Sounds
✓ Great for Educators and Therapists to help with language and pre-reading.
✓ Aligned to Kindergarten Reading Foundational Skills in Common Core State Standards

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