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InTense Home - Verb Practise for Kids

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A slick app that comprehensively covers the learning of English verb tenses. This app receives a 4 star EAS rating. 

Teacher Review

InTense Home aims to give children the opportunity to practise forming correct verb tenses through a variety of activities. There are four main question types, with each user registered in the app able to choose the combination of questions they would prefer to tackle (some with pictures, some with spoken words and some with written clues).  This degree of personalisation allows for users to play the game at an appropriate level.  The game itself consists of a series of questions, each one designed to test the child's use of present, past or future verb tenses. The instructions are clear and well illustrated throughout, meaning that everyone should be able to start learning from the outset with the app.

For each correct question answered, the learner earns a ticket for one of three parks. This reward system is a fantastic example of gamification that truly supports and incentivises learning, without distracting from the core objectives.  Particularly well thought-through is the use of extra tickets for a series of correct answers, which encourages children to think carefully about each answer and rewards consistency. There is also an occasional bonus round which adds an extra fun element by allowing users to spin a wheel if they achieve a correct answer, and so win a random prize.

Once the user has collected some tickets, they can choose to spend them at the carnival. Each type of ticket represents an entry token for a game at one of three parks. Each park has a variety of game levels based on a certain theme, and increasing numbers of tickets are required as the player advances through the levels. Each level is a mini-game in itself, in a Angry Birds type vein, although the variety and gameplay is interesting enough to motivate children to want to build up a supply of tickets. Completing all the levels in a park gives extra rewards in the form of unlockable game avatars.

The whole app has been very well designed for primary age groups (although it is designed for a US market and so has American, rather than British, accents and spellings). The graphics and sound effects help tie together an app that incorporates game elements in a way that really reinforces and encourages learning and repeated visits. The game would be suitable for first-language English speakers wishing to improve their grammar skills, or could also benefit slightly older children learning English as a second language.

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Developer Description

InTense Home is a fun new way for kids to practice their verb tenses!

Designed in collaboration with speech language and education professionals, InTense combines a verb tense language tool with a carnival themed video game set in the past, present and future. InTense motivates kids to master language skills, while providing parents the customization tools needed to help target the needs of an individual child.

Features of InTense Home include:

-Over 4000 verb tense challenges across almost a hundred commonly used verbs.
-Question cues as presented to the child as pictures, text and/or audio.
-Answer questions via expressive and receptive approaches.
-Answer verb questions correctly to earn “tickets” to play a fun game.
-Spend tickets earned in the verb tool to play a fully featured Carnival-themed video game set in the Past, Present and Future.
-Help carnival workers such as magicians, fortunetellers and weight lifters find missing items.
-Knock down barriers and hit targets with 12 unique projectiles, including pterodactyls, soda bottles and dimension twisting energy vortexes.
-Solve 36 fun puzzles across three time periods.
-Master puzzles to unlock special player avatars.
-Customizable to the targeted needs of a child.
-Motivate children to practice their verb tenses.

This app runs best on second generation iPad devices and later.

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