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About Instant Aid - First Aid App

Instant Aid is a first aid guide app ideal for school staff trained as first responders. The app's concise and clear content, supported by quizzes, helps its users keep first aid knowledge fresh. In an emergency, the app provides step-by-step guidance to trained first responders to remind them of best practices and help them follow the correct steps.

Instant Aid is most relevant to a school's nominated first aiders or parents who have completed a good-quality first aid course. You can download the app for free on iOS and Android to use a subset of its material. An ongoing subscription fully unlocks the app.

This review of Instant Aid looks at the quality of the app, its applications, and ease of use, not the app's first aid advice. Users should be qualified first aiders, and they should confirm that the app's first aid advice conforms with their training and best practices. Instant Aid is not a substitute for first aid training.

Instant Aid - First Aid App Review

What is Instant Aid app?

When we learn a new skill or earn a new qualification, we'd usually like the chance to put it to good use. Not so with first aid. Should first aiders need their training, it is invaluable, but they hope never to use it—especially beyond anything minor.

Fortunately, in school environments, this is usually the case. Nursing a few bumps and bruises are the typical exercises for a school first aider. No first aider wants a steady stream of emergencies to keep their skills fresh, but without practice, knowledge will fade. This is why first aid refresher courses exist.

Even a yearly refresher can mean that the last time a first aider looked at emergency first aid was many months ago. Knowing the right thing to do could be a matter of life or death in those rare emergencies, but in the stress of the situation, will those rarely used skills and knowledge come to mind?

This is where Instant Aid comes in. It provides a great tool for revising what to do and an intuitive reference guide to prompt and support first aiders during a real-life first aid incident.

Instant Aid makes it clear that the app is a reminder and reference app. It is not a replacement for a good first aid course delivered by a responsible trainer. Only those qualified to provide such a course should do so, and trained first aiders should continue to take refresher training at the recommended intervals.

What we love about Instant Aid app.

Instant Aid's use falls into two broad types for the trained first responder.

In an emergency:

  • Step-by-step instructions on what to do in each emergency so that first responders have the confidence to use their skills and don't miss out on any important actions
  • Call the emergency services directly within the app (only for the US)
  • An easy-access list of emergency numbers for all countries
  • A checklist of important considerations for each emergency

For refreshing first aid knowledge:

  • A glossary of first aid terms
  • A quiz to revise and test learning
  • Ongoing articles of interest to trained first responders

What skills does it teach?

Instant Aid contains a lot of first aid information, but users should not view it as a teaching and learning app. This app is to assist and remind those already trained in first aid. They can use it for regular revision or refer to the app to give them extra confidence when administering help.

What age is it appropriate for?

Instant Aid is a tool for people already trained in providing first aid. In schools, it should be on the device of the designated and trained first aiders. While other staff might have it on their devices for general interest or to support qualified first aiders, they should always involve trained staff in an emergency rather than rely on the app.

Is Instant Aid app easy to use?

Instant Aid recognises that its content needs to be clear and readable not just to provide a good user experience but because the user could need the app in an emergency. It is clear and easy to use throughout.

The language used to explain and inform the user is clear and precise. It places conciseness above other considerations and is open that it does not use inclusive gender terms to maintain brevity and clarity.

The app breaks the guidance into logical steps for each situation. It deals with branching points in emergencies by letting users indicate critical information. For example, if a response might depend on whether the patient is conscious, the app asks the question. After the user's response, it provides the relevant actions to complete.

How will students benefit?

Anyone unfortunate enough to need first aid will want their carer to provide it correctly. Students will benefit from having a better informed and more confident first-aid trained staff member to tend to them for minor incidents or full emergencies.

How will parents benefit?

Many parents prepare for emergencies by taking a first aid course, and they will benefit from using this app to refresh their memories and as a reference in case of they need to administer first aid. They will also appreciate the additional safety afforded to their children by schools providing the extra first aid support of this app to their staff.

How will teachers and school staff benefit?

Children don't always make it easy to help them, especially when distressed. Working with young people is a big responsibility. Taking on even more responsibility by being trained to administer first aid for kids' injuries and illnesses is even more so.

First aiders should already be trained in what is in this app, but using it to confirm their memories or using it as a checklist of what to do will give them confidence.

What can Instant Aid app improve on?

The app is subscription-based, and its free trial provides a cut-down app version. 

The limited app only covers four emergencies which might not be the ones a first responder faces. Having the cut-down version of the app might lead to a false sense of security. An alternative subscription approach could work better.

A short trial of the whole app followed by a subscription for continued access ensures that anybody who has the app knows that they have its full support. 

The app provides a list of emergency numbers for different countries, but its built-in emergency-call feature only offers 911 for the US. If you are in the USA, this is fine, but other users will wish that they could enter their local emergeny number or set it with the app's options.

Instant Aid's website address does not provide any content at the time of this review. A website helps potential purchasers understand an app's features and reassures customers that the app has ongoing support.

How much does Instant Aid app cost?

You can download Instant Aid for free.

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

You should only use the free version of this app to confirm that the full app will meet your needs. It contains only a subset of the incident types of the full app and a reduced level of the quiz functionality. The annual subscription offers a substantial discount over the monthly option.

Is Instant Aid app safe to use?

Instant Aid is clear about its purpose and who should use it. The app's information states that it does not collect any personal data, and it does not ask the user to enter any details. Schools that use the app as intended will find it to be a safe, useful and reassuring purchase.

There are no advertisements in the free or premium versions of Instant Aid.

Overall rating of the app.

With so many apps to assess to meet kids' educational needs, teachers and school staff might not be aware of everything to help them in the broader sense. Providing a safe environment for kids is essential; part of that is knowing what to do when things go wrong. Instant Aid is a low-priced tool that serves a real purpose in assisting trained first aiders.

If you are a trained first aider in your school or manage somebody who is, download the free version of this app to see what it offers. In this review, we have rated the full Instant Aid app five stars.

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