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Brainstorming, graphic organizer, color coding- here it is in Inspiration Maps. Inspiration software was developed in the late 80's. It became computerized in the mid 90's and today we have it on our iPads. This app will be the go to app for visual learners.

This is the perfect app for students who need to see what they are studying, students who need help with sequencing events, organizational and note taking skills. We have trialed this app with developmentally disabled students in middle and high school as well as students with Autism Spectrum Disorders. For anyone with executive functioning challenges, this app is extremely helpful for making big projects manageable. Our favorite template is KWHL. Students love to share what they know and enjoy the surprise of what they learn!

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Inspiration Software, Inc.

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Use Inspiration Maps to help brainstorm, plan, organise and build thinking skills. Watch as students engage, create and learn as they build and organise their diagrams. With a single tap, turn your diagram into an outline that can be customised and expanded upon, then exported to a writing app. Here are just some of the many ways you can use Inspiration Maps:

  • Brainstorm new ideas and capture insights
  • Analyse information
  • Understand cause and effect
  • Organise projects
  • Organise thoughts and topics for writing
  • Take notes
  • Study for exams


  • Friendly design developed specifically for iPad
  • 1500+ searchable symbol library
  • Record and attach audio to any symbol
  • Create an unlimited number of documents
  • Diagrams transform to outlines with a tap
  • Personalise with images, colour, shape, arrow style, and backgrounds
  • Refine layout with align, nudge and spacing controls
  • Use images from the web or the iPad camera
  • Attach notes to any item to start writing
  • Add hyperlinks
  • Diagrams save instantly
  • Dozens of templates are included
  • Add written or audio instructions to any document
  • Import and export documents between Inspiration Maps 1.4 and Inspiration 9.2 for PC/Mac
  • Share files with other apps on your iPad, such as Pages
  • Share files with other iPads via Dropbox or iTunes
  • Additional templates available in French, Spanish and UK English
  • Localised in French, Spanish and UK English
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