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About inglé

inglé is an English Language learning app for Spanish speakers who wish to learn or improve their English. It has videos, lessons, guides and quizzes to help learners improve. For reference use, it has a comprehensive dictionary with valuable features for learners and a powerful artificial intelligence-driven translator that often gives more natural results than other translators.

Despite its name suggesting a website, inglé also has native apps for iOS and Android. These downloadable apps free the user from depending on a data connection as they allow offline access to the learning material and tools. 

The inglé platform is free to use in an ad-supported tier - a premium subscription adds features and removes ads. A seven-day free trial lets you try the premium package before committing.

inglé Review

What we love about inglé app.

Language learning rewards frequent practice, study, and revision. The broad compatibility of the inglé platform makes it easy for students to fit in practice wherever they are by using the best device for the time. They might use the website while at school but the native app while travelling to school.

Learners can indicate which activities fit in with their situation. So, for example, they can temporarily disable listening exercises if they need to remain aware of their surroundings.

The quality of the learning material we viewed during this review of inglé was consistently excellent. Text-based resources were clearly set out, informative, and easy to read. The video content was crisp and clear. The listening material was sharp, and its volume was well balanced to prevent one section from being too quiet and the next too loud at the same device-volume setting.

We liked that the app isn't purely formal but also considers idioms to ensure learners understand English as its speakers use it. It marks out phrases as colloquial or idiomatic so that learners can understand a phrase as being more than the sum of its individual words.

What skills does it teach?

inglé provides teaching materials and practice activities to those learning English as an additional language. It has something to offer beginners and advanced learners.

What age is it appropriate for?

inglé has a user/privacy policy that indicates that only those aged thirteen and above should use the service.

inglé is for a general audience starting at high/secondary school level through to adults.

Is inglé app easy to use?

inglé responds well to the screen sizes of different devices. While there are differences between the web and native apps, this is to ensure users get an experience that suits their current device.

The native and web apps are well laid out, and navigating between the different sections is logical and straightforward.

How will students benefit?

Those learning English require different types of support depending on their current proficiency, the task at hand, and individual preferences. inglé has something to offer learners whatever their immediate needs.

The quizzes let learners test and revise their existing knowledge, while the videos and lessons help them increase their proficiency. The guides take a deeper, yet still understandable dive into the technicalities of the language to build a more generally applicable knowledge base.

If learners find it difficult to understand a resource or need support in putting their English to practical use, they will find the dictionary and translator ideal.

How will parents benefit?

Parents often invest in tools to help their kids learn and then discover that their kids don't use them. We like the free ad-supported approach of inglé to give learners more time to try the app. A seven-day trial might convince kids that they want the app, but it does not tell parents their kids will stick with it.

The more extended experience made possible by inglé and its free access ensures that parents can see that their kids have built the app into their learning approach before they pay to enhance the experience with more material and remove the ads.

How will teachers benefit?

Some English-language learning apps focus purely on independent learning or supporting a separate course, but teachers can easily incorporate inglé into their lessons.

Teachers already using Google Classroom will be pleased to see that inglé works well with it. School-focused tools allow teachers to assign lessons, track progress, and present tailored learning to their students.

Of course, the material in the app will also be there for teachers to incorporate into their lessons for quicker planning and enhanced classroom explanations.

How much does inglé app cost?

The basic tier of inglé is a permanently free and fully-fledged English-learning course and toolset. Its free cost is made possible by the apps displaying advertisements. These never overwhelm the user, but we'd recommend moving on to the premium service as ads naturally vie for learners' attention.

Most of this review of inglé focuses on the experience of users who subscribe to the premium tier.

There is a seven-day trial of the inglé premium service. The trial and eventual subscription remove the advertisements and add more material such as cheat sheets, extra quizzes, and phrasebooks.

Is inglé app safe to use?

inglé provides a great deal of material at no cost to those who register with the app or website. Advertisements served by third-party networks support this free tier. Of course, advertisements will always try to gain the viewer's attention which can make them unhelpful for learners.

The app's privacy policy states that the app uses cookies to target ads to users.

We did not see any advertisements that we considered unsuitable for users aged thirteen and above, but many factors can influence which ads are served by a network, so our checks are not exhaustive.

Overall rating of the app.

Anybody learning English as an additional language should strongly consider using an educational app to support them. Apps provide convenience, motivation, and variety to the learning experience. We highly recommend that you place inglé on your shortlist of educational apps.

Seeing how well the app meshes with the learning needs of you or your kids is easier and less time pressured than it is with many other apps due to the fully-featured ad-supported tier. Download inglé and take as long as you need to appraise it. Its translation tools, English dictionary, and lesson materials make it likely that the app will earn a long-term place on your device.

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You can download inglé on your iOS or Android devices from the app stores. Download the inglé app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

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