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Inference Pics Lite

  • iPad, iPhone
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  • age 7+

About Inference Pics Lite

Inference Pics is a professional speech therapy app, designed to elicit verbal expression and target the ability to make inferences.

This FREE trial version gives you a small sample of the content you’ll get in the FULL version of Inference Pics so you can see how it works and try it out.

Inference Pics uses real-life pictures depicting events, conversations, thoughts, feelings, jobs, places and seasons. Inference Pics will get people talking, help them to foster key social skills and master the ability to make social inferences.

The term ‘inferencing’ means understanding information that is inferred or not directly stated. We use inferencing all the time in social interactions but it is actually a very complex skill. Children with language difficulties, children with autism and adults with brain injury often have difficulty with this sort of understanding and require explicit instruction to master it.

Pictures of real-life situations are ideal for working on inferencing skills. Inference Pics includes over 200 pictures of real-life situations. Each picture scene is different and some may be easy for the person while others may be harder. Their ability to draw inferences will depend on their prior knowledge and the number of clues which they can find.

Inference Pics also targets the person’s ability to identify human emotions. This is ideal for individuals who need specific instruction in order to master the understanding of facial expressions and feelings.

The app is divided into 7 sets of pictures which are accompanied by questions that prompt the person to engage in inferential reasoning.

Activity 1: What has happened?

Activity 2: Jobs

Activity 3: Places

Activity 4: Seasons

Activity 5: Feelings

Activity 6: Conversations

Activity 7: Thoughts

Inference Pics (full version) includes:

- Over 150 high-quality real-life photos

- Questions that prompt inferential reasoning

- Choice to show or hide possible answers

- Result summary that can be emailed

- Results tracking and inbuilt storage

- No subscriptions, no monthly bills, no Wi-Fi needed

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