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About Index Cards Flashcards & Notes

NoteDex helps students and teachers plan, revise, take notes and study by providing tools inspired by physical index cards and flashcards. Rich text formatting tools, images, and tables ensure your cards support your intentions. Multi-format support (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and web app) and optional stylus utilisation grant flexibility and ease of use.

NoteDex supports collaboration making it suitable for teachers and college-aged students. After a fully-featured seven-day trial, you can choose from an ongoing subscription or a lifetime licence to continue using the app. Anything you create during the trial will remain accessible for viewing whether you subscribe or not.

Index Cards Flashcards & Notes Review

What is NoteDex app?

NoteDex simulates having a never-ending supply of index cards for creating planning, notetaking and organisational aids. It also provides a portable library of all of your creations which you can use for future reference and collaborative or sharing purposes.

NoteDex is available for various formats. Android, Windows, Mac, iOS and Web devices have downloadable apps, while all devices can access the platform through the web app. The app will synchronise across all devices logged into the same user account.

NoteDex describes a collection of index cards as a stack. You create a stack related to a theme, subject, activity or whatever you need, then make each card. There are no practical limits on the number of stacks you can have in your account or how many cards each can contain.

Using the decks is aided by various browsing and searching tools. You can group and tag what you create with relevant keywords. You can filter, sort and search your decks to organise the cards.

NoteDex is more than a flashcard app; its tools also let you organise your thoughts and make notes. For example, using the productivity sidebar enables the taking of quick notes. However, the app fulfils the function of a dedicated flashcard app if you switch to study mode to use the cards.

In study mode, you can shuffle and flip your cards and keep score as you would with a flashcard app.

The organiser mode gives you extra layout tools for the stack as a whole to help you organise your thoughts or plans.

NoteDex can export every stack and card in an appropriate format, including PDF, image, and text.

What we love about NoteDex app

NoteDex resembles flashcard apps on a superficial level but is, in fact, a much more versatile tool while still keeping the ability to be used this way.

The card organisation and viewing tools make it an excellent app for planning, similar to how people use physical sticky notes and index cards. If you switch the app to organiser mode, you can arrange the cards as thumbnails and position cards as you see fit to help organise your thoughts and intentions. You have the advantage of preserving and taking away your final layout.

Using images and formatting tools, you can reflect the importance of different elements on the cards or enhance their points. Rich text tools, tables, web links and background designs exceed the options you'll find in typical flashcard apps.

If you use a stylus such as an Apple Pencil (iPad only) or Samsung Note, you can use the cards even more intuitively by jotting down notes and amendments. The app will switch to ink mode if you tap the screen with one of the peripherals and let you choose between pens and highlighters.

What skills does it teach?

NoteDex is a blank slate which users can populate with information to help them learn, study, or become better organised. It does not directly support learning any subject, but its tools could help to support teachers and college-aged students in most areas.

What age is it appropriate for?

NoteDex's privacy policy indicates a minimum age of 16 for its users. As an app without any content, it has nothing inappropriate, but its collaboration and communication features make it unsuitable for children.

Is NoteDex app easy to use?

A simple tutorial plays when you open the app for the first time, and the app's supporting website provides further learning support.

Mobile devices use the screen orientation to control whether some features are visible or not. In portrait, the apps focus on the cards, but if you rotate to landscape, the app will show extra options on a sidebar.

How will students benefit?

NoteDex is a very convenient way for groups of students to continue to work on joint assignments even when not physically together. The app can generate a link for any stack to allow others to access it online. What is particularly good about this is that people who want to view these cards don't need to have NoteDex themselves.

If those with whom the stack is shared do not have NoteDex, they can modify the stack, but only if the original creator has enabled the edit option.

How will parents benefit?

Good organisation makes things easier for everyone. Add in clear communication for added benefit.

There are many ways that parents could use NoteDex to plan and organise family life in a way that everyone can access. Planning family celebrations, organising favourite recipes, or perhaps creating a learning deck for their kids could earn NoteDex a place on a parent's phone or computer.

How will teachers benefit?

NoteDex is helpful to teachers as a way of creating learning material and for self-organisation and planning. 

Knowing anyone can view a stack they create and share makes NoteDex an excellent way to give students structure or additional support for their assignments. Teachers won't have to worry whether their students have the NoteDex app as recipients can still open the stack in a browser. The simple sharing process via a weblink saves teachers from worrying about uploading and providing access to the file.

Index cards are also a time-tested way of planning curricula, organising classes, seating plans and more of the tasks teachers carry out frequently. Add in the easy sharing and collaborative aspects of NoteDex, and it could become an essential tool allowing staff to work more efficiently and effectively.

How much does NoteDex app cost?

A seven-day free trial begins when you create an account for NoteDex. This trial gives you full access to the app's index card creation and viewing tools. At the end of the trial, you can take out a subscription to keep the app functional on all your devices.

The flexible subscription options allow you to choose between monthly, annual, and lifetime access. This latter option is rare among modern apps, but it is welcome to those who like to pay for their software outright.

If you choose not to subscribe, you can still view and use all the stacks and cards you have made but not add any new ones.

Is NoteDex app safe to use?

No advertisements appeared in the apps during our review, even during the free trial. 

As the app synchronises across multiple devices and apps, it will store the data and information you put on the cards in the cloud and your device. This feature provides you with convenience and prevents the loss of a device resulting in the loss of your stacks, but you should remember that any text and images you use will be stored and backed up by a third party.

Teachers, in particular, should ensure that they use NoteDex in line with their school's data policies.

You can define an expiry date or password for decks you share over the web.

What can NoteDex app improve on?

We'd like a more obvious built-in stack to help new users understand what they can do with their creations. Having this might help new users create a better first stack and understand what they might use it for before putting in the effort to make it.

If users choose to access the tutorial, they will find it as a stack, but they might not do this immediately. The tutorial is a well-made deck that effectively highlights the features and benefits of the app, so making its existence more prominent, perhaps by making it part of new users' libraries, would be helpful.

Accessing the tutorial is always done via the web. In the native apps, it uses a built-in web view for all of the supporting material. Ideally, this should be built into the app so that users can still find help even when they cannot access the internet.

The native apps and web app are still under active development. They work perfectly well and are visually clear but feel less polished than some apps. They lack transitions and similar refinements that would not improve the functionality but make it feel more on par with other apps.

Overall rating of the app.

Students and teachers have long used physical index cards for organisational and planning reasons. Most flashcard apps don't fully replicate the experience or allow similar workflows beyond revision, but NoteDex does. Its feature set comes much closer to using physical cards with the added advantage of having infinite blank cards for future notes and easy access to already-created stacks.

We highly recommend NoteDex to teachers and college-aged students as a tool for planning, organising, revising, notetaking and more.

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