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InCell VR (Cardboard)

  • Android, iPad, iPhone
  • Free
  • age 12+

About InCell VR (Cardboard)

InCell VR is an action-packed racing game where players navigate through a world made of human cells. Mixing science and entertainment, players will outrun virus waves, save cells from destruction and experience the microworld of cells. There are not many VR games for kids about science, so it’s definitely worth a look.

This multi-coloured action-cum-racing game takes place in a unique micro-world, which recreates the anatomy of a human cell in impressive detail, giving it an educational angle, too. Players ride along capillaries and connections as they take in inner space. The depth and scaling of the scenes really makes the experience worthwhile, and it has a rousing soundtrack to boot.

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Android, iPad, iPhone





Creative Development


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  • InCell VR (Cardboard)InCell VR (Cardboard)InCell VR (Cardboard)InCell VR (Cardboard)InCell VR (Cardboard)


InCell is an action/racing game with a bit of strategy and bio science thrown into the mix in a rare and highly unusual micro world of the carefully recreated human cell. This is the right project to start your acquaintance with Cardboard VR or receive new VR impressions. The game is focused on Virtual Reality but you can play just fine without a set (Cardboard or any other).
To switch VR mode off - just tap & hold the screen or use Cardboard's trigger to open main menu.

A unique experimental project made by to test the opportunities of the new Virtual Reality provided by Google Cardboard.

Compatible with View Master, Fibrum, Homido, Lakento, Archos, Durovis and others Cardboard like headsets.

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