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About Knudge’s Improve English Review helps you learn and improve vocabulary as well as practice Math in with the help of bite-sized courses, visual flashcard and interesting games. It teaches new vocabulary and offers plenty of ways in which to practise. This app is free to download for iOS and Android devices and helps improve communication skills. is suitable for children 11+.

Knudge’s Improve English Review Review

Nobody is under any illusions that learning a new language will not be difficult. New words, their pronunciation, spelling and meaning, need to be memorised.  How those words fit together and modify each other, must be observed and practised.  Rules and exceptions to them must be understood.

What we love about app

This app helps with learning new words, concepts, and phrases and also provides many opportunities to practise.  It is designed for those who have established a basic grasp of English and who are wanting to improve their ability.

The app's courses provide tuition by gradually feeding the user new words, new phrases - including idioms, and providing clarity in areas of common confusion.  It employs a combination of content selected and guided by language learning experts with an algorithmic approach to monitoring and developing the user's experience within the app.

Is the Knudge Me easy to use?

These courses use a card-style format that presents the word or phrase and its definition to the user.  Each one also has space for users to add their own notes.  When the learner feels that the word is secure, they can select 'got it' and take it out of their learning pack.

Language learners will also want to know how to say a word and this English learning app covers this in three ways: by using the International Phonetic Alphabet symbols, a phonetic spelling of the word using English, and an audible pronunciation.  

How much is a subscription?

This English learning app is available for free and can be expanded through a system of in-app purchases.  The developers of the app are responsive to user feedback which is why is one of the best free apps for improving English.

The pro version of this app has a wealth of good quality content that will expand a user's vocabulary and provide excellent practice.  Its tracking will be useful for students to see their progress and for teachers to monitor and use to inform any future support that may be needed.

Both individuals and teachers could make good use of this app to learn English.  It does suit best an individual with exclusive access to a device but English language teachers could use the games as stimulating exercises to provide a break from written work or to help a newly arrived student quickly raise their English language skills.  

What could improve on

The pronunciation is via speech synthesis and very occasionally this does not quite match the correct way of saying the word.  These are few in number, however, and the developer is tracking them down and correcting with a spoken word.  In the majority of cases, it is a very useful and welcome feature.

The practice games that accompany the courses are populated with excellent content.  As with most educational games, they're never going to stand up against pure entertainment apps but they're more stimulating than just working through written exercises.  They are also very useful.  Where the questions are multiple choice, all of the answers are viable phrases or combinations of words but only one fits the given definition.  It is really good to see that they cover idioms, phrases which are used in casual conversations by native speakers, as well as more formal, textbook word combinations.

A very occasional undeserved lost mark can happen when a phrase could be corrected in multiple ways.  'We am the best', for example, could be made correct by changing either 'we' for 'I', or 'am' for 'are' but only one of these will be considered correct.

Keep in mind that examples of these issues are few and far between and are a result of the app's broad and deep content.   Those considering a language learning app need to be aware that they exist but they are not a significant detriment to this app's usefulness and are constantly being improved.

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