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About iMovie

iMovie is an iOS app for video production that works on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Students will enjoy creating movies with their own photos and video clips and sharing them both in the classroom and online. The movie option is excellent and far more flexible. You load a selection of clips, and can quickly edit in and out points, overlay titles, and apply filters. There’s scope for audio experimentation, too, with background music and spot effects, even if there’s no mixing beyond setting volume levels.

iMovie Review

Creating a polished video with titles, transitions and audio is easy in iMovie for both children and adults. This app has been a long-standing favourite for Mac users, and although the iPad version is a much simpler version than on the Mac, it’s been refined to be a very powerful tool for the classroom. Given that the iPad is all about multimedia, this video-editing app is a must-have.

The most common way to use iMovie and Book Creator together is to edit some video before bringing it into Book Creator. A popular feature of iMovie is creating Hollywood-style trailers, which really bring video to life.

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