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About Image Scheduler

Image Scheduler helps those for whom organising their daily lives is difficult such as children with special needs.  It employs the users' pictures to build a weekly schedule and task picker that are easy to understand and relevant.

Image Scheduler is age-neutral and available on iOS and Android as a single purchase. 

Image Scheduler Review

What is Image Scheduler app?

Image Scheduler app uses images to produce daily schedules and activity pickers. Those who find organising their daily lives difficult or who struggle to remember the different steps involved with tasks, will benefit from the support given by this app. 

As you'll see in this Image Scheduler app review, the app's designers have built an app that is both easy to use and helpful for its intended audience. 

What we love about Image Scheduler?

Image Scheduler's use of images created and chosen by its users or their helpers means that people who may struggle with abstract symbols and text can use pictures that have meaning to them and are directly relevant. 

What skills does it improve?

Image Scheduler is designed to help with personal organisation rather than academic skills.   

There are two main ways that the app can help its users plan their activities and timetables.

Users of Image Scheduler can scroll through a selection of activities they have defined to help them choose which one to do.

Users of Image Scheduler can create a daily schedule to help them work through each day's tasks.

What age is it appropriate for?

Any student who will find a simple, picture-based personal organiser useful will find the app ideal for them. As the users of the app can utilise pictures from their device or take new ones using their device's camera, the images used will be age-appropriate and relevant to each person who uses the app 

Is Image Scheduler easy to use?

The app is very easy to set up for each student. It is straightforward to populate the app with images and daily schedules, but students who struggle with organisation skills might need help. Once the app has been set up, referring to the daily schedules or task picker is very simple and accessed through a large user interface with a minimum of taps. 

How will students benefit?

Contrasted with other scheduling apps that use text or abstract images, Image Scheduler is very easy to use. Literacy skills are not necessary and nor is the mental capability to link abstract images to activities.

Some thoughtful touches help tailor the app to each individual's needs. The custom captions that may add detail to the pictures can be toggled to display in either sentence-case or uppercase.  There is also a print facility if a screen is inappropriate for some reason. 

Together, the app's thoughtful design and picture-based approach to scheduling give students more control and independence over their lives. They can see what they need to do each day and browse favourite activities to see how to fill their spare time.

Students aren't left alone once they begin a task. Each one can be split into picture-linked steps that students can tick off as they complete them. These steps could be as simple as showing the process of carrying out a personal hygiene activity or how to prepare for learning once they enter a classroom.

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers of students who struggle to follow traditionally written schedules will find that their students can be given extra personal responsibility when they use this app. It won't take teachers long to set up a schedule personalised for their students as they can use relevant items and places captured on camera to detail the activities of a typical school day. 

If teachers and parents prefer, they can use any of the 300 included photographs to build up the schedules and tasks.

Students might need some support initially as they learn to rely on the app to help them, but they will quickly discover how it benefits them. 

How will parents benefit?

Splitting each task into steps, each illustrated with a photograph, will help users of this app carry out multi-step tasks that they might have previously struggled to complete in the correct order. Users tick off each step with a single tap as they complete it. Parents can use this facility to help their children develop the skills to take care of themselves. 

What Image Scheduler can improve on?

For students who use this app, there are few improvements to suggest. Any new features would add to the complexity of its use and part of Image Scheduler's attraction is its ease of use. 

That said, there is only a single week's schedule possible. It would be ideal to have alternative schedules so that the app's users can have a typical week planned but also have a different weekly outline for when normal routines are not possible. This facility would add some useful flexibility to the app's potential usage. 

Parents and teachers who set up the app for children and students might find themselves wishing for a way to do so without having to have access to each student's device. The facility to push the same task to multiple student devices or to do so remotely would be hugely convenient. 

How much does Image Scheduler cost?

Image Scheduler is available only as a premium app. There is no trial version but it is priced at a very reasonable level and is a single purchase. There are no extra in-app purchases or subscriptions to pay, which makes it excellent value. 

Is Image Scheduler safe to use?

Image Scheduler does not contain advertising or social media functionality. All of the included content is appropriate for all ages. The app requires access to the user's photographs but these remain on the device and are not uploaded.  

Overall rating of the app

Image Scheduler is a superb app of its type. It has identified the difficulties some people face and been designed to provide support and assistance to them.   

People of any age who struggle with organisation and who find text-based aids difficult, will likely find this app useful. Parents and teachers of children with special needs should certainly consider buying this app and helping their children build it into their lives. Image Scheduler can help improve people's independence and organisation skills in a simple way to understand. It is a 5-star app.

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