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About illumina Mathland

Illumina Mathland is an app packed full of well-made maths mini-games that will make your child's maths practice far more interesting.  

illumina Mathland Review

One of the great things about educational apps is that they have transformed practising the use of new learning.  Rather than answer the same written question with the numbers changed over and over again, such apps have sweetened the experience and made it that bit more interesting.  Illumina Mathland is one of the best examples of such an app and is stuffed full of maths games.

The games are categorised into logical groups within the app and can be navigated by using one of the four buttons on the title screen.  The first, 'My Games', provides access to all of the games suitable to the player's age.  'My Route' contains games to strengthen skills.  If children want to concentrate on a specific topic, the 'adventure' option lets them choose a world dedicated to an aspect of maths such as addition and subtraction, fractions, and presenting data.   There is a good number of categories and each is well-populated with mini-games. The final section shows the new games added each week.

This way of breaking down the games fits the app thematically but it did feel a little bit vague as the section titles don't really make it clear what the purpose of the games within them are.  An overlay does appear on first use to provide some clarity but this only helps partially and it cannot be revisited so if you forget, you'll have to work it out yourself.  This does not do much harm to the experience of using the app but it would be better to have a little more explanation.

The app tasks are presented very well indeed.  The graphical elements of each question are clear and varied from one game to the next.  There is a consistent and child-friendly style to them.  The purpose of an app such as this is to make maths practice look appealing to children and Illumina Mathland does this superbly.  Suitable music and sound effects add to the experience but can be toggled off by an on-screen option.  

The games test and challenge children's existing skills in the different areas of maths.  The practice they provide is effective and relevant to all children's schoolwork.  This is not a tuition app, however.  Children are expected to have been introduced to each topic before playing the games related to them.  That being said, the questions and presentation of the games are often designed to lead children's thinking in the correct direction.  This makes it useful for revision or jogging children's memories but you should not expect it to teach new concepts from scratch.

Illuminas Mathland provides a very flexible learning experience in that it can be played on many different devices.  Apps are available on the Android and iOS platforms and everything else with a modern web browser can provide an experience that is every bit as good using the web app. The web app also contains the administration area where teachers and parents can allocate tasks and see how much a child has engaged with the app and how successful they have been with it.  This provides useful information without overwhelming the reader with unnecessarily complex data.

The content of this app is under active development and its makers say that they are constantly adding new games to it.  The app store's description says that there are already more than 90 and, during this review, a wide variety was encountered so they are more than just variations on a theme.  This array of styles with new ones arriving with future updates should keep the app fresh for your child as he or she progresses through the different topics.

The summer of 2018 is a great time to check out this app.  Not only can Illumina Mathland help to keep maths knowledge fresh in your children's mind during the long summer break, but its usual subscription costs are being waived.  This makes it entirely free of risk as you and your child give it a go and see how well it suits your needs.  It is a high-quality educational app so you may well find that it fits the bill perfectly.

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