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About iHuman Chinese

iHuman Chinese is a Chinese learning app designed to help people learn the language fluently. iHuman Chinese is available for free to download on all Android and iOS devices.

iHuman Chinese is a Chinese learning app designed to help people learn the language fluently.


iHuman Chinese Review

What do we like about iHuman Chinese?

Young children can learn 1,300 popular Chinese characters with the help of the entertaining and entertaining app iHuman Chinese. Animations, kiddie melodies, interactive games, and 130 unique graded picture books help kids interact with Chinese characters. With customised content settings, you may read, play, and learn at your own pace.

What skills does it improve?

iHuman Chinese is an entertaining technique for your kid to gradually learn characters because repetition and innovative visual cues are used to reinforce character memorization and context.

What age is it appropriate for?

iHuman Chinese is a Chinese learning app made for primary-aged children.

Is iHuman Chinese free?

iHuman Chinese is available for free to download on all Android and iOS devices.

Is iHuman Chinese easy to use?

There are four successive learning stages for each Chinese character: play, recognise, practise, and write. Your youngster will receive a golden star for their hard work for each educational task they complete. To play games, stars can be traded.

How will users benefit?

With the help of the numerous interactive activities on this deftly created app, kids learn via play. Levelled readers are included in the app in addition to the other games. For every ten Chinese words learned, one is offered. By the time the app was finished, your youngster would have essentially read 130 readers.

The tiger, the rabbit, or the monkey are the three different avatars that kids can select. With their Chinese names, you can make their profiles. Additionally, parents have the option of ordering a customised learning report. When your child reaches a developmental milestone, they will get an achievement certificate. This is a great thoughtful addition because you can print it out and proudly display them.

Your youngster will play a little game that presents the Chinese character in visual form during the Play phase. The Chinese character will sound out and flash out of the screen each time your youngster completes a section of the house. The child found it beneficial to hear and see the word repeated to recall the Chinese term.

The Chinese character is displayed alongside a pertinent image in the Recognition phase as a mnemonic device to help the user recall the Chinese character. The Chinese character is spoken and visually described clearly. In terms of the practice phase, your child will likely be able to recall this Chinese character and recognise it when it is presented within a field of four other Chinese characters.

How much does iHuman Chinese cost?

iHuman Chinese is available at the cost of $2.99 per month.

Final thoughts

A child learns one character at a time while using iHuman Chinese, moving on to the next one afterwards. Your child will practise writing the Chinese character in the last stage. He or she must write it in the proper sequence.

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