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About iHomework

iHomework is an app students can use to track their upcoming work for the school year, with the capability to repeat assignments daily, weekly and monthly.  Parents can monitor and guide those activities on their iPhone or Macbook and you can also put in a pop-up reminders for your kids.

iHomework Review

iHomework allows you to sort work by day, week, and course. The next section which is Reminders is a place to list things you need to remember to do but aren't technically assignments. 

The Courses section in iHomework will show a view of all your courses with the icon you picked to represent that course. Underneath the course title and number you will see a grid showing which days you have that course. Tapping into a course shows the time, date, teachers list, locations, and any other information you've added for that course. You can also toggle along the bottom between course details, assignments, and grading.

iHomework's layout is more simliar to that of iStudiez Pro and utilizes a main row of icons along the bottom that allows access to all your main functions. By default the tabs along the bottom consist of Work, Reminders, Courses, Teachers, and More. You can tap into the More section and then tap the edit button in the top right corner in order to re-order tabs and drag them around in any order you want. You can change the tabs along the bottom or replace them with other options such as Reading, Completed, Calendar, Types, Sync, and Settings. This gives you more flexibility and customization which will be welcome by many users.

iHomework is better at organizing and sorting projects, reading assignments, and other types of tasks within the app. You can add any assignment or project to the work section while you can have other items such as reading tasks under the dedicated Reading tab.

If you aren't concerned with syncing and only need a homework planner app on your iOS devices, iHomework provides the best solution at the most reasonable price.

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iHomework is a student's best friend during the busy times of the school year. Keep up-to-date with your school work, grades, to-do's, teacher's information, and almost everything else you need during the school year. iHomework is the only school organizer that can be with you anywhere you go, whether that be on your iPhone/iPod touch, iPad, or Mac!

iHomework Features

With iOS 4, iHomework allows you to set alarms for Assignments and Reminders. Be notified of an upcoming test or paper even when you don't have iHomework open. You can even set how far in advance you want to be notified. No network connection required! Unfortunately, there is no "snooze" option.


  • Keep track of all the upcoming work for the school year.
  • Repeating assignments let you quickly enter work due every day, week, or month.
  • Record your grades for every assignment and let iHomework figure out what your report card is going to say.
  • Add partners to your group assignments and have quick access to their contact information.
  • Email assignments to your friends (when they forget to show up to class).
  • Organize your information however you like it.
  • Keep track of your work on iHomework's built-in color coded calendar.

Reading and Books

  • Keep track of any reading assignments you have during the week. Link the reading with a course and any assignments that are related. Bookmark definitions or important paragraphs so you can go back to them anytime.
  • Your list of books is a great place to keep notes about your text books (like how expensive they are) and the author.


  • Remember what you need at the grocery store with Reminders.
  • Keep reminders around so you don't forget those daily to-do's that you need to get done.
  • Great for anything in your life that isn't school work - keep everything you need in one convenient app!


  • Keep track of your course information and teacher contact info. Mark the location of a course on a map - great for new college students on a large campus.
  • iHomework will calculate your grade using a simple point-based grading system or a very highly customizable weighted system. Keep track of your schedule for the year - you'll never "forget" to go to class again!


  • iHomework lets you record class times no matter what kind of schedule your school is on.
  • Whether weekly or block schedule, iHomework lets you enter your schedule and keep track of all your courses.


  • Keep track of your teacher's contact information. Teachers are saved locally but allow you to important information from your Contact list.
  • Quick access to teacher's office hours and email - so you can email them when you forget to turn something in!


iHomework is the only school organizer available for iPhone/iPod touch, iPad, and Mac. Add your work on the go and sync it with your laptop when you get the time.

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