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About iHomework

iHomework is an app students can use to track their upcoming work for the school year, with the capability to repeat assignments daily, weekly and monthly.  Parents can monitor and guide those activities on their iPhone or Macbook and you can also put in a pop-up reminders for your kids.

iHomework Review

iHomework allows you to sort work by day, week, and course. The next section which is Reminders is a place to list things you need to remember to do but aren't technically assignments. 

The Courses section in iHomework will show a view of all your courses with the icon you picked to represent that course. Underneath the course title and number you will see a grid showing which days you have that course. Tapping into a course shows the time, date, teachers list, locations, and any other information you've added for that course. You can also toggle along the bottom between course details, assignments, and grading.

iHomework's layout is more simliar to that of iStudiez Pro and utilizes a main row of icons along the bottom that allows access to all your main functions. By default the tabs along the bottom consist of Work, Reminders, Courses, Teachers, and More. You can tap into the More section and then tap the edit button in the top right corner in order to re-order tabs and drag them around in any order you want. You can change the tabs along the bottom or replace them with other options such as Reading, Completed, Calendar, Types, Sync, and Settings. This gives you more flexibility and customization which will be welcome by many users.

iHomework is better at organizing and sorting projects, reading assignments, and other types of tasks within the app. You can add any assignment or project to the work section while you can have other items such as reading tasks under the dedicated Reading tab.

If you aren't concerned with syncing and only need a homework planner app on your iOS devices, iHomework provides the best solution at the most reasonable price.

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Organisational and Productivity Skills


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Paul Pilone

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You can download iHomework on your iOS devices from the Apple App Store.

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