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iGet Math: Addition

About iGet Math: Addition

This maths based app for young kids is suited for those learning the absolute basics of addition. With three graphic-heavy, fun filled levels to progress through, the learner can start off from exploring the structure of a sum and build up to attempting to solve simple equations. 

Teacher Review

Each of the three levels in this app is made up of 20 challenges with a similar pattern to its layout. First the sum appears along with the same number of block objects for each digit to be added. This is displayed in bright and colorful graphics with a cartoon underwater theme. The block objects give the learner a concrete illustration representing the value of each digit. Clicking on each digit or symbol will result in a voice saying the digit or symbol. The block objects appear under each of the digits and can be counted up, again by clicking on them with the voice speaking. The next screen shows the sum with the answer and all the block objects are brought together. The final part to the challenge requires the learner to click on each part of the sum from left to right demonstrating they understand the order of the sum.

The three levels build on each other to progress the learning. 'Easy' level is a chance for the learners to discover the meaning of each part of the sum for themselves. ’Medium' level allows the learner to fill in one of the digits based on the number of object blocks. In the 'Hard' level the learner has to fill in all of the digits as well as the solution to the sum. There is an extra challenge in each level presented by an owl, which varies throughout each problem. The only means to progress through each level is by the learner getting the sum correct. Therefore the learner instantly knows if they understand the sum.

The menu screen offers the option to change some of the settings. These include toggling the sound on and off, choosing different counting objects to be displayed, altering the range of numbers to be used (1 to 100) and choosing which of the three levels will be included. This allows the app to have a wide range of learners engage with it.

Initially it can be a bit confusing what the app wants the user to do. A few spoken instructions or an example of what the app does might make the first step a bit easier. The underwater theme could be played on more by only using objects that are associated with water rather than birds or balloons on the seabed. It would be nice to see the theme change as the levels progress, perhaps a beach for the 'medium' level and the sky for the 'hard' level. For early years teaching the terminology has to be consistent and the use of the word 'addends' could confuse some learners.

iGetMath: Addition is available for iPad, iPhone and iPod at the price of £1.99. This review is based on the original and first version released. No doubt there will be a few more updates for this app and the cost seems very reasonable at this time of its development. It is clear that a great deal of effort and thought has been invested by iGetMath: Addition to link it to the learning needs of young students.

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  • iGet Math: AdditioniGet Math: AdditioniGet Math: AdditioniGet Math: AdditioniGet Math: Addition


Learning addition up to 100 is a breeze with iGetMath: Addition. Three levels of game play give as much (or as little) direction as a student needs to complete each equation. iGetMath: Addition's easy to use interface allows students to work and learn independently. This app is great for extra help at home with kindergarten and first grade addition and is also a fun center for the classroom. Fun music and sound effects make this an engaging app for any child, at school, home, or on the go! Students will not realize they are solving equation after equation because it is so much fun! iGetMath: Addition is simple, easy to use, and will give your students the foundation they need to become brilliant mathematicians.

Three levels of game play (all are on by default, but can be turned off in settings):

Easy + Common Core: Students create equations and learn the parts of each equation through 30 common core based quests. Hoot the owl gives students tasks like "Count all of the blocks under the first addend", and "Touch the sum" to help them learn the parts of the equation. The easy level is discovery based, so students do not need to get the "right answer" in order to continue.

Medium: One of the numbers in the equation is removed. Students must figure out what it is before moving on to solve the equation. Students are not allowed to move on before the right answer is determined. Beginning mathematicians may touch each block below the number to hear the number counted out loud.

Hard: All of the numbers in the equation are missing. Students must figure out each number before moving on to the next. Students will not be allowed to solve the equation until the numbers are correct. The hard level feels like a puzzle to students and helps to bring the fun back into addition practice.

App Features:

iGetMath: Addition is designed to help students make sense of addition from the very beginning. It begins with numbers up to 10 and continues to 100 as students become more skilled. Number ranges can be selected from the settings screen to focus on specific skills or students can move through the game to earn trophies.

Several different base 10 blocks and scenes keep students engaged as they move through the levels. Blocks can be changed in settings if a child likes a specific block or if a teacher plans to use iGetMath: Addition in a themed center. Sound effects can also be turned on and off from settings.

iGetMath: Addition is common core aligned and can be used to teach many U.S. kindergarten and first grade common core standards. See our website for a list of standards that are addressed.

iGetMath: Addition does not contain any third party advertising.

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