IGCSE Biology: Guru-App GCSE

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This is a great app for practising  the multiple choice section of the GCSE exam.  It contains the main topics that are in all of the exam boards. The app is better suited to students who want to do a quick practice of their knowledge and then get a quick feedback of what they know in order to go away again and continue revising. The app contains  questions form past papers and includes the answers so that students can track what they know. It is an app that is very easy to use and its simplicity is great for students who want to practice while they are on the bus or on a train journey. 

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  • IGCSE Biology: Guru-App GCSE-1IGCSE Biology: Guru-App GCSE-2IGCSE Biology: Guru-App GCSE-3IGCSE Biology: Guru-App GCSE-4IGCSE Biology: Guru-App GCSE-5IGCSE Biology: Guru-App GCSE-6IGCSE Biology: Guru-App GCSE-7IGCSE Biology: Guru-App GCSE-8

From the Developer

800 multiple choice questions for IGCSE Biology


  • Review questions and answers immediately
  • Available for offline viewing
  • No hidden charges
  • No login required
  • Advertising sponsored
  • Past year papers and answers

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