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About IELTS Skills - Free

IELTS Skills - Free provides sample content from each IELTS Skills app. Reading, listening, writing and speaking skills are all represented in the sample content.

Each IELTS Skill is available as a separate app:

► IELTS Skills - Reading
► IELTS Skills - Listening
► IELTS Skills - Speaking
► IELTS Skills - Writing

All four skills are also available together in a single app - IELTS Skills.

The IELTS Skills apps provide exam practice exercises and interactive tasks to help you develop the skills you will need to do well at IELTS.

► Written by Sam McCarter the author of the best selling Ready for IELTS and Tips for IELTS .
► A wide range of innovative and interactive exercises that help you work on the essential skills needed for the IELTS exam.
► Each skill is explained andcomes with examples and an interactive exercise.
► Practise answering a full range of question types that you can expect to find in the IELTS exam.
► A detailed overview of the exam.
► Score yourself on the interactive Can Do statement section.
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Communication Skills
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Macmillan Education

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