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About iCan

iCan™ is an educational app designed for children with special learning differences. iCan™ app contains an endless ad-free library of educational videos and games that promotes children's socio-emotional, self-care, cognitive, and academic skills. iCan™ provides hours of fun whilst ensuring a variety of needs based areas of learning are covered. Each topic area has 8 games available which allows for practice in a variety of ways; Matching, Sequencing, Tracing, Tapping, Memory building, Scratch a Sketch and Colouring.

iCan Review

About iCan

iCan has been designed to develop social, communication and self-care skills through a variety of engaging games and activities. Specifically designed for a range of special educational needs, iCan Special Educational Fun is free to download on iOS/Android with a 7-day trial period. Monthly and annual subscriptions extend access to further games and useful tutorials.

iCan has been specifically designed for children with special learning differences, from verbal to non-verbal, diagnosed with Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD); Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD); Cerebral Palsy; Fragile X syndrome; Kernicterus; Language and Speech Disorders; Intellectual disabilities; Developmental delays; Chromosome 8 deletion; Aphasia; Down Syndrome; Sensory Processing Disorder.

What is iCan?

iCan provides hours of fun whilst ensuring a variety of needs based areas of learning are covered. The app provides children opportunities to practice daily routines, develop independence, understand social situations and both letter and number understanding. 7 specific areas are available.

My Community - Which supports understanding of community and a young persons place within it.

Routines -Developing independence through the practice of routines and schedules.

I’m a friend - Experiencing social situations that enhances social and emotional development

Numbers -Enhancing number recognition and counting 

Letters - Learning and practicing letters and phonics

Colours - Recognition of colour and developing creativity

Videos - containing a variety of learning videos

Each area supports the development of skills for children with differing needs.

What we love about iCan

Apps that are marketed for SEN and cover the many areas of need are in plentiful supply, however few are designed that really think of user needs. iCan Special Educational Fun fills this gap mainly due to the consistency of experience. In each of the seven areas available, a consistent game structure allows for familiarity for the user, which makes it easier when approaching new topics. My students, all on the autism spectrum, found navigation easy and each game area within the topic engaging and enjoyable.

Each topic area has 8 games available which allows for practice in a variety of ways; Matching, Sequencing, Tracing, Tapping, Memory building, Scratch a Sketch and Colouring. What I really like about this design approach is how it develops generalisation skills for our young people. The developers have also gone a step further with the ‘Grown ups’ feature, many apps provide links to the main website offering advice but few have additional Parent and child activities to use outside of app play. These joint activities are wonderful for further development and generalisation. Video tutorials are also available with really sensible and useful advice for parents and teachers highlighting the benefits behind each game and activity.

What skills does it improve?

iCan enables the young person to improve their problem solving ability to aid the development of independence, communication and social emotional awareness.

What age is it appropriate for?

iCan Special Educational Fun can be used with all children with or without learning differences. Although the user experience is designed with younger children in mind, the app can be used with older children and young people with additional needs.

How will students benefit?

The students will benefit by learning problem solving skills, developing communication ability, working on letter and number recognition. The app will also support with social and emotional understanding.

How will teachers benefit?

It is useful to use iCan Special Educational Fun for individual, small group and whole class work by ensuring your device can connect with a large screen or interactive whiteboard. It would be useful for the developers to consider multiple profiles and progress tracking which would make the app more attractive for educators. However, this does not significantly detract from what you can do with iCan in terms of using the app in the classroom. From sequencing routines to number and letter recognition, the app provides a multitude of opportunities to support SEN settings.

How will parents benefit?

The content is well structured to help parents support their child. The app comes with a really useful suggested exercises section which help children to generalise what they have learned alongside parents. The developers also provide valuable advice and support on their website.

What can iCan do to improve?

Although a very comprehensive application, a means of tracking individual progress would be beneficial. For educators, it may be useful to also allow for multiple profiles which would be beneficial for larger class groups.

How much does iCan cost?

The app is free to download with subscriptions allowing access to games and further content. A 7 day free trial is available. Five payment options are available:

1. Monthly $7.99

2. Annual $49.99

3. Monthly $5.99

4. Annual $49.99

5. Semi-Annual Subscription $24.99

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

Beyond seven days, subscriptions of varying lengths extend the iCan app experience further. A year's subscription is almost 50% cheaper than covering the same time with monthly payments.

Is iCan safe to use?

Content is appropriate for use with no concerns identified. There are no social media facilities in the app nor any advertisements.

Overall rating of the app

Overall, iCan is a well-developed and informed application which understands the needs of the user. The developers have been thoughtful in the development of the app in terms of consistency and familiarity and why this is important for our users. A five star application, well done!

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Android, iPad, iPhone




Cognitive Development
Critical Thinking
Communication Skills
Creative Development
Life Skills
Emotional Development
Thinking & Reasoning
Time and Task Management


In-App Purchases - Yes

In-App Advertising - No



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