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iAnnotate 4 is the top choice to read, annotate, and share PDFs, for iPhone, iPad and iPad Pro. Parents and Teachers can work on as many documents as they want to with unlimited tabs. Their powerful new plus button simplifies importing documents to your library.
Two Document View enables you to multitask intelligently. Utilize all of the same features used to markup and manage your documents in regular view, to work simultaneously. The PDF reader includes support for rectangle, circle, and arrow annotations. The new-and-improved signature tool makes zooming in to write easier than ever.
iAnnotate 4 also offers image sharing. We still convert them to PDF, but give you the option to share back out as an image with your annotations flattened. You can text message them, share on Facebook and Twitter, and more!

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iAnnotate PDF is the go-to app for reading and annotating PDFs on your Android tablet. Daunted by the need to work with PDFs on the go? iAnnotate boosts your productivity with its intuitive interface that lets you annotate, manage, search, and share documents. For taking notes on lecture slides, annotating business documents, grading papers, signing contracts, and much more, iAnnotate is the only app you need!

This new version of iAnnotate features tabs, allowing you to have multiple PDFs open at the same time. iAnnotate now also features support for Box's new OneCloud functionality. Using OneCloud you can open PDF files directly from the Box app, make annotations in iAnnotate, and easily save back to Box.

iAnnotate PDF's intuitive interface and comprehensive, customizable set of features let you annotate, manage, and share documents from your iPad. People use iAnnotate PDF as their "go-to app" for taking notes on lecture slides, annotating important business documents, revising screenplays, grading papers, and much more.


ANNOTATE: Choose from the pen, highlighter, typewriter, stamps, notes, underline, strikethrough, photo, voice recording, and date stamp functions. Better yet, assemble your own set of custom highlighter colors, draw and import new stamps (such as your signature), and further customize iAnnotate PDF to your needs!

CUSTOMIZE: Drag and drop the exact tools you need to create custom Toolbars containing your preferred tools. Easily switch between Toolbars with a simple leftward swipe, or open the Toolbar Drawer and select any Toolbar.

SCROLL: iAnnotate PDF is the only PDF annotation app that allows continuous scrolling through an entire document. Other apps only let you view one page at a time, but iAnnotate PDF gives you both options.

SEARCH: Use keywords to search the full text of every document in your Library, or, limit your search to new, recent, unread, or annotated documents for more refined results.

NAVIGATE: Our Navigation Panel lets you view documents by their Thumbnails / Bookmarks / Annotations, or the PDF outline, or perform a search that returns results in the document context. You can even search through your annotations and notes!

MULTITASK: iAnnotate PDF makes it easy to open multiple document tabs and navigate between them via tabbed reading.

CONNECT: Sync with iTunes, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive, or WebDAV, or open PDFs directly from email or the Web.

FLATTEN: Compress your annotations into a document to prevent them from being modified. This is useful for preserving signatures or for preventing recipients from deleting or modifying your annotations.

SHARE: Annotations you make in iAnnotate PDF are fully integrated into the PDF and can be seen and edited on external PDF readers like Adobe Acrobat or Mac Preview.

SUMMARIZE: Forward text summaries of a document's annotations in the body of an email. Summaries include the type of each annotation, relevant page numbers, and marked-up text (where applicable).

ORGANIZE: Insert blank pages, delete pages, and rotate individual pages or all pages at once.

MANAGE FILES: iAnnotate PDF's Library helps you organize your PDFs into folders, with easy drag/drop functionality.

SECURE: Set an app-level password, or put iAnnotate PDF on lockdown mode; full support for the iOS Data Protection and Keychain functions.

PRESENT: Use the iPad VGA Dock Connector to output your documents on an external display, so that others can follow along as you annotate and present.

WATCH FOR UPDATES: With frequent updates and an attentive ear to our users, we are continuously improving iAnnotate PDF – stay tuned for even more new features to come.

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