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From the Developer

“i Tell a Story” allows children to narrate and record their stories.
As a complete audio recording and editing tool, there are countless other uses, such as having adults record stories and messages for the little ones in their lives to listen to. Add funny sounds and music if you want, plus a picture, title, and your name, and send your audio book for others to enjoy.

Students can use the i Tell a Story app to practice oral reading fluency, transform poetry writing, explain how they solved a math problem, practice using new vocabulary terms, or record a written story.

Teachers can use “i Tell A Story“ App to practice reading fluency and to create an audio book for kindergarten students.

Psychological sciences have proven that stories children hear in their childhood have a great impact on how their personality develops over time. As well, they tend to feel closer to the one who narrates it to them.
‘I tell a story’, therefore, is a good way for parents and especially grandparents, to nurture a healthy relationship with their children, despite their busy schedule.

The usage of ‘I tell a story’ doesn’t end with storytelling. It is a complete audio recording and editing tool that can be used for multiple purposes. You have an inspirational speech that gets you motivated every time. You can record it and listen to it whenever you need it, the uses are limited only by their imagination. You can also send recorded emails to family members who are unable to read anymore.

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