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About I Read Arabic

I Read Arabic helps kids to learn and practise the Arabic language.  The complete platform comprises teacher and student apps.  They give all users access to lots of content and smooth the administration of teaching and learning the Arabic language.

A subscription is necessary to keep using I Read Arabic after a free trial has been completed.  Both of the apps are available on iOS and Android devices.

I Read Arabic Review

What is I Read Arabic?

I Read Arabic is a platform for teaching and learning the Arabic language. There is an app for students where they can undertake independent study and carry out the tasks set for them by their teachers. There is also a teacher app for administering students' learning and providing teachers with access to teaching material.  

Both I Read Arabic apps contain a considerable amount of content to support the learning of Arabic. The range includes books, videos, interactive worksheets, printable worksheets and games. It is one of our recommended app for learning Arabic.

What we love about I Read Arabic

Everything is very clear in I Read Arabic. Sometimes apps displaying non-Latin script resort to using text images for the writing. This is not the case here, as the Arabic script uses a proper font to remain crisp, sharp and easy to read.

What skills does it improve?

This app's name makes it clear that its primary purpose is for helping students learn Arabic.  

What age is it appropriate for?

I Read Arabic's description says that it is for students between 4 and 15, and it is true that the app has features that suit school-age learning. However, to a large extent, any app for learning a new language is determined more by the user's existing knowledge than their age. 

Is I Read Arabic easy to use?

The student version of I Read Arabic has an easy to follow user interface, and when it is first used, it displays overlays to show its different features and how to access them. Children who are confident in using any other apps should be fine with the I Read Arabic app.  

The teacher app structures the learning material using a folder-based system. General browsing and specific searching are both straightforward utilising this method.

How will students benefit?

Students will find it easy to keep up with their assignments as their devices will notify them of their teacher's set tasks. Working through these assignments on their phones is a convenient way for kids to complete homework tasks wherever they are, leaving them more leisure time for later.

The exercises for testing children's knowledge and encouraging them to think deeply are not timed. Children get a chance to think and work without pressure which many will prefer.

The variety of source material, both in subject and style, makes learning Arabic enjoyable.

How will teachers benefit?

The massive amount of teaching resources available in the app will prove great time savers for teachers. Whether a class is made up of beginners or more advanced Arabic learners, teachers will be able to find stimulating lesson material for them to use.

How will parents benefit?

I Read Arabic is an easy way to provide support to kids who are learning Arabic. Providing kids with physical resources to support their learning can become expensive, and I Read Arabic's digital content might save parents some cash.

What can I Read Arabic improve on?

Strangely, errors pop up in on-screen boxes. These are for the attention of the programmer rather than the user. While they do suggest something has gone wrong, no problems have become apparent when using the app—it doesn't lock up or glitch. However, the messages are distracting and should not be visible in a final app.

Screen rotation is quite eccentric in this app. Sometimes it presents the material in portrait mode and other times in landscape. Ideally, the app would adapt to how the user is holding their device, but it should stick to just one of the possible orientations if it does not.

How much does I Read Arabic cost?

There is a free trial for new users to the app within which you can fully use its features and functions. After this time, there are many different subscription offers of different durations. As is typical, longer subscriptions offer better value at the cost of flexibility.

Is I Read Arabic safe to use?

I Can Read asks for more permissions than an app of its type usually needs. For example, there does not appear to be any reason to know a user's location, yet this is requested when you first use the app. You can and should deny such permission unless you are satisfied that allowing the app to have it will improve your experience of using the app.

The link to the app's privacy policy led to a broken link on a third-party page at the time of review.

Overall rating of the app

I Read Arabic's strength is in how much content it provides for learners and teachers. The learning structure it provides is not especially novel but is at least equal to other language learning apps.  

I Read Arabic's lack of accessible privacy policy, unjustified location requests, and a lack of polish hold it back to some extent. If you are interested in an app of this type, you should think about how much these matter to you. For some people, they won't; for others, they will. Try out the app's free trial and see for yourself.

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