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I Love You All The Time

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An endearing storybook that highlights the bond between parent and child. It conveys a deep message through simple verses and rhymes. There’s also a fun feature for listening the story as a song.

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  • I Love You All The TimeI Love You All The TimeI Love You All The TimeI Love You All The TimeI Love You All The Time


The light animation and digital enhancements are perfect for the toddler set. 

An excellent book app with high quality features, and includes multiple educational and entertainment options. Bravo to the developer...a lovely and safe environment for our children.

The most unusual feature is hearing the words of the book in a song… it's among the most original additions to book apps I've seen and likely to be a big hit with toddlers…My favorite part is the prompt at the end to record your own verse…an option to personalize the last page with a child's name…makes a special gift for a new mother.”

The widely popular children's book I Love You All The Time, released in 1999 by Cookie Bear Press, Inc. with over 300,000 copies in print, is now bursting with delightful animation easily activated by toddler fingers, professional voice talent, an original song (also on iTunes), and a chance for your child to see their name in lights, all wrapped up with iPad magic. The lyrical rhymes that have delighted children, parents, and grandparents for a dozen years come to life in this enchanting interactive book to reassure the young children in your life that you love them all the time – no matter how busy you are or where you live.

Build early reading skills following the narrator’s highlighted words in storybook mode or read on your own in Mute Text mode. Practice spelling skills by tapping out beginner words on the cozy quilt and listen for the music every time you find and tap on an I Love You All The Time heart.

Perfect as a gift app from grandparents, aunts, or uncles who live far away or to start a cherished bedtime routine you and a child can share even when you are working late or out of town. The board book toddlers ask for again and again is now an iPad book that they can play over and over.

- Lyrical rhymes and simple sentence structure appropriate for toddlers and early readers
- Storybook mode prevents animations until after text is read
- Mute Text mode enables all animations at any time
- Mute background music
- Personalize with Record Your Own Voice
- View your child’s name in the final text with Add Your Name on the menu bar
- Storybook mode highlights words as spoken
- Reinforce word recognition and basic reading skills
- Sing along with original song available on iTunes
- Hear individual letters named
- Perfect balance for bedtime reading between interactivity and soothing reading
- Page guide to choose favorite lyrics and illustrations
- Parent lock to control external link to iTunes

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