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About I Love Potatoes

I Love Potatoes is not your ordinary app, it is an application with a mission to change our perceptions on the consumerist society we live in, with a wonderful team of outstanding social innovators at its heart.

I Love Potatoes Review

I love Potatoes is essentially an interactive story where the player has to enlist the support of their own community and eventually neighbouring communities to elicit change through local democracy. Teachers can use this in a classroom setting with individual students, groups of students and whole classes to cover some of the citizenship programmes of study in a deep and meaningful way. Any plenary sessions with group discussions will enable a teacher to quickly get to the main themes of social justice and democracy as a result of the game and it will give children an appropriate vocabulary to use to express an empathise with these important topics.

Starting the game is like starting an interactive film and the development team have obviously had experience of drawing in the user immediately bringing them to the heart of TubaLand. The context of the game is well mapped out and explained with care and clarity. Children will find it very intuitive with a touch and drag interface on the iPad screen allowing the child to drag their character around to various parts of the village. The story is truly interactive and to make progress through the narrative the child has to click on various characters and machines that appear and complete a number of different tasks. The importance of working collaboratively is emphasised at all points where the majority of tasks can only be completed by a group of potatoes. Whilst the main character has to clearly take the lead negotiating with other potatoes and neighbouring communities is very important to journey through the story.

The graphics of the whole game are bright and interesting with many different landscapes to journey through, the adventure is greatly enhanced by these outstanding drawings, which will excite and engage a class of children. The introductory background music is peaceful and calming defining the context within which the children will enter the potato land. The general background music throughout the game is generally earnest and aids the mood of the game, however volume levels can be adjusted in settings along with the language spoken.

The characters within the story are stereotypical of the positions of authority they hold within the village, which adds to the engaging nature of the story and certainly emphasises the meaning behind the narrative. In conclusion the application is great! I was drawn through the story and read, interacted with it from digital cover to digital cover. The programme has a very powerful message for the children of today and will engage them in a fun but deeply meaningful way. The developers all have excellent credentials of working on some outstanding social innovation projects truly at the front line of social justice. If you or your children are not moved to act after working with this story then I do not know what will.   

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National Film Board of Canada – Office national du film du Canada

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