I learn to tie my shoes


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From the Developer

Did you know that about 19 % of the 2-5 years old are able to use smartphone apps, while only 9% can tie their shoes?

Now you can solve this problem with this app!

The app shoes two methods how to tie shoes.
One is for little childrens, the second for more experienced or "big" ones.

- controllable animation that shows tying
- step by step guide
- rhymes 
- theme selection (currently standard, boys, girls)

trial version provides:
- the first five steps both in animation and the guide
- one of four rhymes
- standard theme

What is coming next?
- more languages
- more themes
- themed tiles to pin at the start screen

I hope you and your kids will have a lot of fun with this app - and of course that your kids will learn easily to tie their shoes!
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