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I Am Learning: KS3 History

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  • I Am Learning: KS3 HistoryI Am Learning: KS3 HistoryI Am Learning: KS3 HistoryI Am Learning: KS3 History


I am learning: KS3 History is an entertaining and engaging game based revision and assessment tool, which is PROVEN TO RAISE RESULTS.

87% of teachers agree I am learning is an effective way to learn.

Merging interactive games with official curriculum content – and featuring over 600 unique questions – I am learning: KS3 History allows users to access constructive revision anytime, anywhere.

I am learning covers all major topic areas and key stages – make revision fun and easy.

Features include:

- Play games and make revision fun
- Over 600 UK curriculum questions
- See your results improve with our easy to use reports
- Focus learning with our powerful gap analysis

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