I Am Learning: KS2 Geography

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I Am Learning Key Stage 2 Geography is an entertaining and engaging game based revision and assessment tool, which is proven to raise achievement according to the developer's website. Merging interactive games with official curriculum content - and featuring over 1100 unique questions - I Am Learning Key Stage 2 Geography allows users to access constructive revision anytime, anywhere, covering all major topic areas making revision fun. The two interactive games incorporated with football and whack a Monkey are great fun and push the learner to complete the revision sections. The app is very easy to use, well presented and geared directly at the curriculum.

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From the Developer

I am learning KEY STAGE 2 GEOGRAPHY Revision app covers all major topics in the current curriculum.

Choose to play the game or use the default template to revise. Test yourself and see your results in easy to use reports.

The app comes from one of the UK’s most successful online revision providers, I am learning, which is used by over 400,000 people.

I am learning KEY STAGE 2 GEOGRAPHY incorporates the main topics that students need to know, making it an ideal resource to help improve results.

Features include:
- Play the game to make revision more fun
- Questions randomize each time
- Simple reports with red, amber, and green indicators for performance
- See which questions you have answered incorrectly (see what you don’t know)
- Gap analysis - see which questions you frequently answer incorrectly

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