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Hudriks Math for Kids is a fun, cartoon-like game that can help children develop basic maths skills related to the 4 number operations. It is based on a story of a Viking family that need to help save the world from red dragons. To do so, children must answer mathematical questions, which become more difficult as the game progresses. Visual representations are included to support learning. Children are also provided with the opportunity to practise counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division before setting off on their adventure. 

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Developer Description

Hudriks Math - make learning maths fun!
The aim of the game is to make learning fun and enjoyable for children by turning it into an adventure game with different worlds, enemies and bosses.
Hudriks Math is based on a story of a Viking family that was called to help to save the world from red dragons. On the way they must overcome challenges by giving the correct answers to mathematical questions. Tasks are given in ascending order of difficulty illustrating the basic principles of mathematical operations.
Colourful graphics, visual effects, cartoon-like 3D animations and short video clips are very engaging, make children want to spend more time playing the game and motivate them to learn more.
The game has two sections. At the beginning you have a chance to practice counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of various levels.
Illustrations of the basic principles of the operations will help them pass the first tasks.
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