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Learn to pronounce new words correctly with the world's leading English dictionary : howjsay Pronunciation Dictionary. It is good for students to simply check how words sound without learning any phonemic symbols.The app also has better functionality with over 150,000 words and is user-friendly.
The comprehensive database includes medical, legal, scientific, and financial terms. It also has industry jargon as well as current affairs terms. The history of words can be accessible offline by clearing the words or deleting individual words. The app is very lightweight, occupying less than 5MB for installation.

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English / Literacy

Learning Outcomes

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From the Developer

Pronounce words correctly with the world’s leading English pronunciation dictionary. Over 150,000 entries. One-step access to fast-loading, clear sounds.


✔ Auto-complete with over 150,000 words
✔ Search on-line to retrieve latest additions to the dictionary.
✔ Comprehensive database including
medical terms, industry jargon and even current affairs
✔ 1,000 word history accessible offline
✔ Clear history / delete individual words

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