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How to Draw-Full Version contains seven drawing "episodes" that teach kids -- even younger kids -- how to sketch a dog, cat, space shuttle, princess, and more. The verbal instructions, given by a childlike voice, are clear and very step-by-step. The on-screen cues disappear after a line is drawn and the user moves to the next portion of the lesson, which means only your kid's rendition of the drawing is left visible for him or her to color, erase, save, and send via email. In the end, it really looks like your kid "freehanded" the entire drawing, which is sort of the case -- just with a lot of help.

With How to Draw, kids learn practical steps for drawing specific objects like animals or a space shuttle while also learning more about shapes and part-whole/whole-part relationships. It's instructional for kids to see, step-by-step, how shapes such as circles of various sizes or a triangle play a role in various parts of the body of an object or animal. Kids also learn some drawing vocabulary, practice following directions, and build patience. Learning to draw isn't easy for some kids, but this step-by-step app removes most of the frustration while increasing the fun.

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From the Developer

Step-by-step drawing instruction application for kids aged 4 to 7. By repeating the moves on the screen you learn to draw.

Listen, follow the instructions and draw on your screen. See how easy it is. You may start with a cat. It's really simple. If it goes well don't be afraid of the "Skeleton" episode! It's the most difficult but you can do it.

The app consists of sixteen episodes which teach you “How to Draw a Cat, a Dog, a Space Shuttle”, a Princess, a Dinosaur, a Skeleton, the Statue of Liberty, a Pony, a Tank, a Locomotive, a Hippopotamus, a Robot, a Panda Bear, a Rabbit, a Dump Truck and Santa Claus“.

This app works on iPhone but to be frank it's quite hard on this device. You may download it if you're up for a challenge. If you have an IPad it's very likely that you'll fall in love with "How to Draw".

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