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How Do You Know?

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  • age 5+

About How Do You Know?

This app is aimed at helping young people improve their critical thinking and verbal reasoning skills to explain how they know the answers to certain questions. Secondary learning also happens through the app including helping young people gain a better understanding of the English language through expanding their vocabulary and learning important visual literacy skills. All of this is done through a fun and interactive way where users are given pictures and questions that help them to define what is happening whilst learning and improving their verbal reasoning skills.  

Teacher Review

How do you know? is a wonderful application that supports the development of critical thinking and inferencing skills. The developer has clearly worked hard to create an app that achieves this. Inferencing is one of the trickiest yet most important skills to teach and 'How do you know' is a great app that really helps teachers to help their students attain this skill in a visually pleasing way. Many children with autism or other learning difficulties find this particularly difficult especially when it comes to comprehending what is not being explicitly said  so therefore lots of practice is needed in this area. 'How do you know' goes a long way to do this. The main premise of the application is that children need to use their verbal reasoning skills to determine what is happening in a picture and how they know what is happening. With over 500 pictures available in different categories, 'How do you know?' gives you plenty of opportunity to practice these skills. Having previously reviewed an older version of 'How do you know?' the developer has certainly improved content and a few minor details that prevented a 5 star review. The previous version scored 4 stars due to minor issues with blurred pictures and audio issues. These issues have now being resolved.  

Upon opening the app the user is welcomed to the home screen which is not busy using pleasant colours. Here you are able to access  different options including entering/setting up a profile, accessing the user settings and visiting the reports page. The settings page allows the user to add new users as well as reading through a short manual with information on how to use the app. Once a user has been set up a further set of options are available and these include options to slightly personalise the learning for the user. These include allowing sounds and audio cues as well as having manual scoring. Once these settings have been selected the user is then able to access the main content by returning to the main menu and selecting the start button. Once this is done the user can select from 16 different categories which range from events and holidays to weather and emotions. There is clearly a wide variety of content within the app and this is where its main strengths lie. After a category has been chosen the user then selects how many questions they wish to be answered. This is a great way again to further differentiate for different users and abilities as you can select from 1 question to 16 depending on the category. Once all this has been done the user is then given a picture on the screen related to the category with a question below that and three different statements below that. Each of the statements is read out and can be read out again if needed. The aim is for the user to discern what is happening in the picture and pick the right answer. Further questions then go into more detail about how they know this is a case and really ‘drills down’ into expanding reasoning skills to know why something is what they believe it to be. As reasoning skills improve with the user becoming more proficient, the ability to turn off the cues is available. The reporting side is a really nice feature allowing you to share reports with parents or other professionals.

'How do you know?' is a fantastic app that has been created by a developer with many years of experience in the field of speech and language difficulties. The app is very popular in our school for children with autism with both children and professionals. I would certainly recommend this app to other teachers and parents. Well done!

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Android, iPad, iPhone


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Lynn Epstein, MS, SLP-CCC

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How do you know app uses over 500 pictures and questions to engage students in critical thinking skills. Children will build and strengthen their language and inferential skills by identifying and labeling visual clues and key details to explain how they know the answer!

How Do You Know targets the following language goals

  • Question comprehension: who, what, where, when & how
  • Verbal reasoning strategies to make inferences
  • Critical thinking skills to distinguish key details
  • Build Vocabulary and semantic knowledge
  • Use pictures to build concept imagery
  • Recognize and label associated vocabulary
  • Practice reading comprehension at sentence level
  • Verbal Reasoning Skills

Teachers, Parents & Therapists Favorite Features

Lots of content; Over 10 categories: Places, Activities, Weather, Emotions, Conditions & State of Being, People & Occupations, Animals, Time, Events, Holidays, Geography

Items within each category are randomized

  • Data collection with percentages for both Wh-questions & How questions
  • Different levels of difficulty using or fading audio and visual prompts
  • A Study Guide and tutorial section called “Let’s Talk About It!”
  • Email reports and share results with parents, teachers, & therapists
  • 100 name capacity; edit to add/delete names
  • A "Read to Me" option; audio on/off
  • Practice reading at phrase & sentence level
  • Reinforcement; encouraging audio feedback for correct & incorrect responses

“Listen Again” button:

Let’s Talk About: a tutorial section to introduce/review vocabulary and explain verbal reasoning strategies.

Developed by a certified SLP with over 28 years of clinical experience

About the author: Lynn Epstein, MS, ASHA certified speech language pathologist with over 28 years of clinical experience in child language and communication development. How Do You Know? app is based on successful strategies and lessons used with thousands of students to strengthen communication and verbal reasoning skills. 

Related Research

How Do You Know? App is an effective tool to practice inferential skills and critical thinking. Verbal reasoning and critical thinking are necessary skills for meeting core curriculum standards and competence across the curriculum. Students engaged in critical thinking must make associations that connect problems with their prior knowledge (Pellegrini, 1995). Research shows questioning prompts students to engage in a research process that fosters higher-order thinking skills and social-moral attitudes (Daniel et al., 2005). Difficulty answering wh- questions affects a child academically, linguistically, and socially. (Parnell, 1986). How Do You Know? uses pictures and questions to engage language strategies that prompt children to look for visual clues and name key details to explain their answers. Students learn how to answer questions with relevant information. Students practice verbal reasoning by explaining the inferences they make while playing How Do You Know?

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