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Hopscotch - Adding Fractions

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Teacher Overview

This is a free app with simple multiple-choice quiz where a player’s progress is shown on a Hopscotch board. A correct answer advances the player and an incorrect one drops them back. Interestingly, answers that give a correct fraction but not one in its simplest form, leave players stationery which is making the most of the game’s theme.

Multiple-choice quizzes are good for practise after the initial stages of learning as the limited number of answers mean that children can concentrate on general principles rather than arithmetic. You will want to provide a later exercise with more open-ended answer mechanics, though.

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  • Hopscotch - Adding FractionsHopscotch - Adding FractionsHopscotch - Adding FractionsHopscotch - Adding FractionsHopscotch - Adding Fractions

Publisher's Description

Show your ability to add fractions by playing hopscotch. Try all thirteen levels!

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