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About Hoot Reading

Hoot Reading is an online tutoring service that aims to help young children with their reading and their literacy. Users are connected to an actual real life tutor who gives the students a personalised learning experience based on their needs, as well as their likes and interests.

As Hoot Reading is an online tutoring service it means that you must have a subscription to be able to use the service. However, so users are able to see if this issomething for them there is an opportunity to have the first session for free. After that pint there is a range of membership offers, depending on the needs of the child. Although the physical tutoring only happens at certain times within the child's 'library' they have access to a whole host of books for them to read at their leisure. Some ofthese books and learning they may cover with their teachers however, users are able to utilise all these resources whenever they want.

Hoot Reading Review

What is Hoot Reading app?

Hoot Reading is an online paid for tutoring service aimed at helping young people with the literacy and their reading. All tutors are experienced classroom teachers as well as specialists in reading recovery so they are able to work with a broad range of users, from those struggling to those just wanting an extra bit of tutoring on top of their usual classroom learning.

What we love about Hoot Reading.

Hoot Reading has so many great features about it. From being able to access the resources library at any time to have a specialised tutor service based on the individual needs of the user. Tutors also create progress reports based on how well the learner has done over the sessions with suggestions on things they need to do to further improve. These can be shared with the users school and teachers further expanding the benefit of the service.

What skills does it improve?

Due to how Hoot Reading is set up and the aims of the service it means that young children looking to improve their reading and literacy skills are really going to benefit from a subscription to the program. As the tutors are all experience classroom practitioners as well as specialists in reading recovery it also means that users who have a weakness with their literacy and their reading will certainly benefit, as well as students who just want to improve.

What age is it appropriate for?

The Hoot Reading service is rated for children over 4 years. I would agree with this as one of the main strengths of the app is allowing users of any age to access it. For younger children they may need an adult to help guide them however once they have had a few sessions with the tutor their confidence will certainly grow. Outside of the sessions there is a lot of extra learning and resources on the app and these are all easily accessible so users should have no problems with this too.

Is Hoot Reading easy to use?

The service has an incredible smooth design and look about it and this also is the case when it comes to its accessibility. As previously mentioned younger children might need a little help and any user looking to extend their language abilities may need a more competent person to explain certain things however the tutors also do a great of this too. 

How will students benefit?

Students will benefit greatly from the personalised learning service that is offered by the tutors, especially as they build up a relationship between tutor and learner. However, they will also greatly benefit from the vast range of resources and books that are available for them to use at any time.

How will teachers benefit?

Knowing that students will be having extra tutoring sessions means that the teacher can ask for specific areas to be covered in the tutoring sessions, especially if there are areas that the teachers knows the student is weaker on or if they wish them to focus on something specific to future lessons.

How will parents benefit?

Parents will benefit in knowing that their child is accessing the tutoring skills of an excellent classroom practitioner who knows the students, their strengths and their weaknesses and who can personalise the learning to match those weaknesses. They don't need to worry that their child is just sitting passively with a learning tool but they are engaged in the learning and maximising the service as much as they can.

What can Hoot Reading improve on?

There is very little that I would suggest that the service could improve upon, except maybe making it available in more countries.

How much does Hoot Reading cost?

As this is a subscription based service there are a number of different options available. However, the most popular plan is 2 lessons per week with is $180 charged every 4 weeks. Users have complete access to the resource library with their membership.

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

Everybody has access to one lesson for free however, after that it is a paid for service.

Is Hoot Reading safe to use?

Hoot Reading app content is completely child-friendly and contains no content that could be considered inappropriate or unsafe for children.

Overall rating of the app.

Hoot Reading app has received a 5 star EAS rating and this is due to the premise of the app, the learning within it and how the service goes about teaching the users especially with the experienced tutors.

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