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HooplaKidz Fun with ABC and 123

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  • age 2+

About HooplaKidz Fun with ABC and 123

HooplaKidz Fun with ABC and 123 aims to help young children take their first steps in learning about letters, numbers and colours.  From initially providing recognition activities it moves on to counting and alphabet skills.

Teacher Review

Young children will certainly be attracted to the clear, crisp and colourful design of this app.  Supplemented by its softly playing music, cute sound effects and clear narration this forms a polished and fun experience to assist children’s learning of numbers, letters, colours and sequences.

HooplaKidz Fun with ABC and 123 makes the very sensible decision to keep things simple and to reuse its main mechanics of interaction.  In each of the well designed and well-focussed sections, children’s existing familiarity with using the app lets them concentrate on the games and hence their learning.  Each one effectively mixes its educational value into a fun activity.  In the recognition based sections, such as identifying letters, colours, and numbers, children solve a simple four piece jigsaw before answering a question about it.  For example, having built the letter ‘A’, children are asked to identify what starts with that letter from a choice of three pictures.  The last two sections involve completing sequences of numbers and the English alphabet.  In these the missing number or letter is to be dragged to the appropriate space.

The app is perfectly suited to both being used by an adult supported child and by children alone.  Every instruction and interactive element has speech associated with it and is clear and friendly sounding, leading to it being very supportive of independent learning.  A useful repeat button is present on the screen for those times when a child needs to hear something again.  Navigating through the different sections is not going to create any problems for children as they can just scroll and tap through them.  The ever present steam train in this app forms the basis of some of the tasks and its menu, where children pull the train along to access the different sections through its carriages.  The app makes the welcome choice of not having any options or screens that are not part of the main content and so children won’t find themselves confused while browsing to new sections.

There are many apps out there that are the equivalent of only one of the five sections included in this one and it is refreshing to see a developer build an app that feels fully developed.  Having a feel of the traditional book of numbers or letters for young children, but with the extra engagement and interaction that modern technology affords, HooplaKidz Fun with ABC and 123 promises to provide a favourite source of learning for children that they will enjoy returning to over time.  

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  • HooplaKidz Fun with ABC and 123HooplaKidz Fun with ABC and 123HooplaKidz Fun with ABC and 123HooplaKidz Fun with ABC and 123HooplaKidz Fun with ABC and 123


HooplaKidz Fun with ABC and 123 makes learning Letters, Numbers and Colors easy and a joy for kids! This awesome game is full of vibrant colors and sounds that are sure to engage your child. What’s even better is that HooplaKidz Fun with ABC and 123 has curated items that are appropriate and necessary for preschool children.

The kid-friendly design ensures that your child learns Letters, Numbers and Colors through different approaches in a fun, safe environment thereby strengthening their basic foundation.

This app will help your kids in many ways, such as by improving their -
• Letter identification
• Letter object identification
• Number value
• Counting
• Color identification
• Cognitive skills
• Ability to focus
• Visual processing
• Problem solving
• Object recognition

In short, this app makes your kids smarter in every way.

The Letters learning section includes identifying letters as well as objects that begin with that letter. This improves their language skills and vocabulary.

When your child learns numbers, they don’t just identify them; they also understand their value and how to count. This is essential for making mathematics easy.

** COLORS **
We teach the important skill of identifying colors to your kids in the most interesting and fun way possible. This helps your kids learn colors and identify them in everyday objects.

Letters Sequence requires your child to find the missing letters and complete the sequence. Promotes learning and identification of letters. Each game play provides different learning opportunities, thereby ensuring your child learns all their letters and knows its sequence.

Number Sequence requires your child to complete the number order, the numbers are presented in ascending order. This promotes a better understanding of number value and number identification.

*** FEATURES ***
• Fantastic art work – it’s very cute. Kids love it!
• Learning through interactive play
• A kid-friendly, simple interface
• Appropriate reiterations for better learning
• No third party advertising and no in-app purchases (ensuring a safe environment for your children)

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