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About Homework Solver App - Math

Kids need to know that their answers are correct, so they feel confident to progress. Homework Solver App – Math gives them that reassurance. Once processed by Homework Solver App, a simple photo will become step-by-step solutions to math problems from the simple to the complex, handwritten or typed. Add to this grammar-checking tools and language translation, and users of Homework Solver App have a powerful package to check their answers and polish their writing.

Homework Solver App is available on iOS devices as a free download and is fully expanded via a weekly subscription. The app is suitable for kids over 12.

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Homework Solver App - Math Review

What is Homework Solver App - Math app?

Homework Solver App turns any textbook or teacher-set problem into a responsive learning aid that provides instant feedback. It uses your device's camera to photograph the handwritten, typed, word, or numerical problem. The app then uses artificial intelligence to read the image and then correct or solve it showing the steps it followed to reach the solution.

Alongside its artificial-intelligence-driven grammar, language, and math tools, Homework Solver App also includes a well-featured scientific calculator.

The math problems or writing you want the app to work with are easy to input. You can take a photograph directly within the app or import a picture from your device's storage. You need to align the app's area of focus to the problem so that it knows which calculation to solve, but the app was tolerant of any bits of text that might have crept into the frame.

Once you have the image locked in, you only need to tap a button for the app to analyse it and present you with the results. Each image you capture remains preserved in the app within its My Homework section.

What we love about Homework Solver App - Math app

Homework Solver App does what it promises and does it well. During this app review, we checked its math capabilities with simple and complex math problems, and it solved them. The detailed steps it showed were logical and turned what could be a pure get-the-answer app into one that offers genuine learning opportunities.

Homework Solver App's expansion into grammar and translation is similarly strong. 

The app's ability to pick up grammar errors is impressive. It was used to check this review and found typos and missing commas. For longer pieces of work, you'll likely want to use a live grammar checker as you have to correlate the app's suggestions to your original work, and multiple pages will need multiple images. However, it works great as a quick check to get a second opinion on a piece of writing.

What skills does it teach?

Homework Solver App doesn't directly teach any skills but students can use it to learn how to solve problems. When they scan a problem, the app doesn't just answer but shows a step-by-step breakdown. 

Homework Solver App covers a wide range of math problems, including any arithmetic problem, including fractions, decimals, and long division.

For students of more advanced math, the app covers topics including trigonometry, calculus, algebra, and statistics.

New additions to the app have expanded it beyond its initial focus on math and it can now translate languages and check grammar for spelling, word use, and punctuation.

What age is it appropriate for?

Homework Solver App covers math from the basic level up to the advanced. It can solve problems of the sort found in elementary/primary school all the way through to those set in high/secondary school and beyond.

Is Homework Solver App - Math app easy to use?

Homework Solver App has a straightforward interface that makes it easy to choose your task. In the case of grammar and translations, you can select whether to import a photo, take a picture, or enter your text manually.

The results, including the steps, are clear, logical and easy to follow. A helpful feature is a copy function that requires a single tap to copy the result or steps into the device's clipboard. From there, students can add it to whatever documents they want, even across other devices using iOS clipboard features.

The scientific calculator keeps the screen uncluttered while having many features by having some of the keys perform multiple duties. A red dot marks out keys with alternate functions, and holding them down shows the alternatives. 

How will students benefit?

Homework Solver App expands math problems found in books and on the internet into learning material for kids. They can choose one of those problems, attempt to solve it, and then check their answers. Remember that the photos don't have to be of paper-based problems, it works just as well by capturing a PC screen.

How will parents benefit?

Parents who are used to helping their kids with homework and helping them to progress sometimes start to feel less sure as kids move to higher levels. Even if parents once knew how to solve complex math problems, they may not remember or be confident anymore.

Homework Solver App lets them carry on supporting kids. 

One option if kids are too easily tempted to cheat with Homework Solver's capabilities is to have it on their parent's devices. That way, parents can check their kids' work and give them the necessary confirmation.

How will teachers benefit?

Even experienced teachers make mistakes or doubt their memories. Homework Solver App's checking capability works well to provide a second opinion on any problems teachers set for their kids. Quickly scanning any problems will confirm that teachers have the correct answers associated to the questions.

The grammar scanner is also an excellent way to ensure that any letters they send to kids' parents are well written and won't embarrass them with errors.

Good to know

Since textbooks showed answers to exercises in the back of the book, there has been the problem of letting students check their answers without tempting them to cheat. Kids who use any app that can provide solutions to problems set by their teachers or take a shortcut to accuracy need to be responsible. 

Making their calculations and checking them against the app gives valuable and immediate feedback. Going straight to the app won't help with learning at all. 

The same is true of grammar tools. Using the app to compensate for poor literacy skills won't solve anything, but giving assignments a final polish is great and ensures no errors have escaped correction.

With grammar checking especially, students need to be able to confirm the app's suggestions and not just accept them. The app cannot know the writer's intent, and so it is possible that some grammatical suggestions could alter the meaning in undesired ways. This is the case with all grammar-checking tools, not just Homework Solver App.

Essentially, students need to use this app responsibly to get the best from it.

How much does Homework Solver App - Math app cost?

There is a free three-day trial available to test the entire feature set of Homework Solver App. If you choose not to use the free trial or it expires, you can still use the app, but it has some of its features locked. The locked features restrict users to two daily solutions and does not show the steps.

A key thing to note about the subscription to this app is that the charge is weekly rather than the more common monthly. 

Is Homework Solver App - Math app safe to use?

The are no advertisements displayed in Homework Solver. It asks users to invite friends via their communication or social media apps.

As the app's artificial intelligence appears to do its processing in the cloud, you should consider the sensitivity of any writing you have error checked by the app as it will leave your device.

This use of off-device processing is a common way to work, and other grammar-checking and math-solving apps do the same, but users should always be aware that once data leaves their device, it could go beyond their control.

What can Homework Solver App - Math app improve on?

As with all apps, the underlying processes are hidden from the user but it appears that Homework Solver App always processes its calculations in the cloud. This conclusion derives from the observation that entering a simple calculation, like 3×4, results in a short delay and buffering symbol. 

Off-device processing is not unusual for apps that use sophisticated AI processes, but we'd like the app to be a bit more intelligent without the cloud and recognise simple calculations without going the long way. 

The app does not orient its photo-taking to how you hold the device. If you turn your app to landscape to isolate a passage of text from the above and below content, the app will not recognise it. The text has to be the right way up, and the app does not have a manual isolation feature for concentrating on text.

At the time of review, there was a glitch in the app that meant the options screen would not remain visible. It slides off the screen immediately after appearing. The chances are that by the time you read this, that problem will be fixed.

Overall rating of the app.

Homework Solver App offers features that would have seemed impossible only a few years ago. Solving math problems, checking grammar, and translating languages from text requires advanced text recognition and processing functionality. 

For it to be possible on a mobile device with Homework Solver App is almost magical. With this app, students won't be in the dark regarding their accuracy until a teacher checks their work. They can try, learn, and try again with as many problems as they want from anywhere they can find them.

Homework Solver App is not the cheapest app of its type, but it is well featured and accurate. Try its free trial and see if it suits your child's needs.

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