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HOMER is an early learning and reading app aimed at kids 2 to 8. HOMER Learning is an affordable way for younger kids to learn reading, math and social and emotional skills. 

HOMER app is available for free to download on iOS and Android devices. Kids can use the web-based version on computers or tablets. 

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HOMER Review

What is HOMER Learning?

HOMER Learn and Grow is a proven learn to read app that motivates kids ages 2 to 8 to improve their reading ability. HOMER app teaches kids on how to read step by step, 1000+ interactive lessons on phonics, sight words, ABCs and more. Learn with HOMER has proven to increase early reading scores by 74%.

HOMER’s contains a variety of educational games designed to work on a number of important reading and learning skills. HOMER is an early literacy app designed to help kids learn to read. HOMER give access to a well-designed early learning programme that covers literacy, numeracy, social skills, thinking skills, and creativity. The programme teaches knowledge relevant to kids aged two to eight and is suitable for home and school use. 

As a learning app, HOMER has a sleek and very modern feel to it. We found it to be smooth, reliable, quick loading and responsive and it is, overall, quite well designed from a user standpoint. 

If you are like many parents, you'll be searching for HOMER Learning reviews online to make the best choice before you spend your hard-earned money.

How HOMER Learning works?

You may have seen HOMER before. Once, the HOMER app concentrated only on helping kids learn to read, but it has grown into a broader educational experience. It still has excellent coverage of early literacy skills, but it now includes foundational mathematics concepts, social skills, thinking skills and creative learning activities.

Children develop with HOMER through the many mini-games and activities within the app. The advice given by the app's developers is for kids to use  the app four or five times per week for about fifteen minutes at a time. Kids are free to choose the activities they play and are encouraged to repeat them.

Like other kid-centric reading apps, Homer uses a game-like interface to keep kids engaged and interested. There are two main options for users: working through the lesson plan that the app has put together, or the "practice" mode, which allows students to revisit their favorite activities or spend a little extra time on concepts to really master them. 

Does HOMER have a free trial?

Yes! HOMER offers an exclusive 60-day free trial for parents that provides unlimited access to all their premium resources.

How much does HOMER cost?

After a full-access free trial period, Homer costs $9.99 monthly or $60 for an annual subscription (regularly $119.88).

New users of HOMER can get the full experience by taking a free trial. Once this time ends, a subscription unlocks the app. You can sign up for this subscription through the app's website or your device's app store.

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

After trying out HOMER's free trial, parents have a choice of subscriptions with which to continue using it to support their child's learning. Monthly and annual plans are available with the longer ones providing cheaper long-term use.

Parents with two or more kids of an age suitable to use HOMER get extra value as a single subscription supports the profiles of up to five kids. 

Look out for occasional special subscription offers that provide even better value.

What age is Homer Learning for?

HOMER's learning is for kids between the ages of 2 and 8.

Is HOMER safe to use?

HOMER ticks all of the boxes for child appropriateness. It has a clear privacy policy, only asks for access to device features and user data that it needs, and has no advertisements. All of the included content is custom made for HOMER Learning, so it is guaranteed to be chid-safe.

What devices are compatible with HOMER app?

HOMER app is available for free to download on iOS and Android devices. Homer is compatible with iOS and Android platforms and available for download from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon.

What we love about HOMER 

The activities in HOMER are plentiful and varied. Some are for kids to watch and observe; others are sandbox-play experiences that let kids learn as they freely interact with the on-screen elements. In addition, there are more traditional games with rules and clear conclusions.

HOMER makes it clear what it covers and in what order. The levels by which it structures children's learning reflect typical curricula and are clearly defined and explained so that you can see where your child best fits at the moment and what they are working towards.

Every activity in HOMER is beautifully presented. Characterful voices and fun sound effects accompany clear graphics that support the intended learning.

What skills does it improve?

HOMER teaches early literacy, numeracy, social, and creativity skills and knowledge. The precise breakdown of the app's coverage is available on the supporting website, which lists the key skills that make up each of the levels in the app.

Is HOMER Learning easy to use?

HOMER makes it very easy for parents to set up the app for their kids. During the onboarding process, the app asks parents some questions about their child's current level. These questions are jargon-free, and parents should have no difficulties in picking the most suitable response.

The still-developing literacy ability of HOMER users are accounted for by the app narrating all instructions and learning content. Kids will always know what to do, and the graphical elements are clearly defined for young fingers to click.,

How will students benefit?

Students who enjoy using a familiar learning environment will benefit from having HOMER to guide them throughout their early education. These kids won't have to learn to use a different app over this time and will be able to focus on the learning material rather than getting to grips with new user interfaces.

The activities are varied enough to give kids a meaningful choice in the tasks they complete while the app guides them along with a logical progression. When parents create their kids' profiles, they also indicate what their kids find most interesting so that the app offers tasks themed in a way that interests each user.

How will teachers benefit?

HOMER supports educator accounts for those who want to use the app with classes. The supporting website has useful information on technical and teaching details for using the app in schools.

HOMER will work just as well when used universally across the age appropriate students of a school or if targeting a small group who need extra support.

How will parents benefit?

Too few apps make effective use of their websites beyond marketing. HOMER is not one of these. It publishes a genuinely interesting and helpful blog for parents and is full of tips and ideas. Parents can also make use of nicely designed printable resources.

The activities in the app are replayable and usually unpressured by lives and time limits. They work just as well when parents want to take a hands-on approach to support kids through complex topics and when kids want to learn independently and practice.

Having numeracy, literacy and the other subjects addressed by HOMER in a single app makes managing subscriptions easier for parents. They can observe how much kids use this app and how it helps them and know whether it remains the right choice for their kids. There is much less chance of paying for an app subscription that doesn't get used.

What can HOMER improve on?

This suggestion is more of an enhancement to an already excellent set-up process. When parents answer questions to tune apps to meet their kid's needs, it can be a little anxiety-inducing. In some apps, there is no going back once parents have entered the answers.

HOMER is much more flexible in that answers can be changed, and even once they've been locked in, parents still get a chance to choose a different level for their kids if they feel that they've misrepresented their kid's ability. Telling parents this functionality exists at the start of the process will make it feel less critical and stressful.

Overall Review

HOMER Learning is a top-rated, research-backed app motivates kids ages 2 to 8 to love reading by building on what they already know and tapping into the topics that most interest them.

HOMER developers are very open about its design and capabilities. Its website goes into great detail about how to use it best, its educational theory underpinnings, and how it is implemented. Combined with a generous free trial of the complete platform, this shows confidence by the developers in the quality and usefulness of HOMER. In this review of HOMER, we can only say that this confidence is well placed and award it five stars.

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