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About Hit the Button

Hit the Button is an interactive maths game from the Top Marks website, are useful in the early stages of learning on multiplication (e.g. times tables)  and division facts. Hit the Button is very flexible, with 166 different maths game modes of varying difficulties and across six topics. Hit the Button web game is available as an app for Windows, Mac, iPad and Android devices. Hit the Button is also featured in our Best Math Apps.

Hit the Button Review

What is Hit the Button?

Hit the Button is an interactive maths game with quick fire questions on number bonds, times tables, doubling and halving, multiples, division facts and square numbers. The games which are against the clock challenge and develop a child's mental maths skills.

Top Marks maths hit the button is a quick fire game that can be played using times tables up to 10 or 12, focusing on one particular times table or using a mix of sums from all of them. Race against the clock to answer as many questions correctly as possible and reinforce your multiplication learning. You can choose to be given sums to select the correct answer, or be given an answer to which you need to find the right sum. Once the same question has come up a few times you’ll notice how quickly you’ve internalised the answer.

Hit the Button covers a wide range of math practice challenges. It includes times tables, number bonds, decimals, division, square numbers, doubling and halving. Young children can begin to build their basic mental arithmetic skills while older children can develop and strengthen their fluency in mental arithmetic. 

The attractive but age-neutral look of Hit the Button makes it useful for all ages. Older children who, for whatever reason, have failed to learn their times tables or just need further math practise, can use this app to improve without feeling they are playing a game aimed at a younger age group than their own.

Is Hit the Button easy to use? 

Choosing which challenge to take is easy. They are all available from the outset and levels of difficulty can be selected. Students can go directly to what interests them without the need to grind through preceding levels.  

The motivating factor for the player is to improve upon their previous times or to beat those of others. For many children, competition is a very powerful motivation indeed. Adults will need to ensure that children are attempting to grow their skills rather than just becoming very fast at the easiest challenges but this is the case with any such app. 

Hit the Button will be useful in many classroom lessons. Teachers can project it to a large screen where children can talk about the answers and how to arrive at them as a class. A recent addition to the app is the option to disable the timer which greatly facilitates this method of use. 

Parents are often involved in helping children to build their times tables skills and this app will help with that. Kids can practise independently and then show off their newly honed skills to their parents. 

Times Tables

Top Marks Hit the Button Maths is the best way for children to learn times tables through regular practice. Parents can select individual or mixed times tables up to 10 or 12 for their children. 'Hit the Answer' or 'Hit the Question' options can help parents consolidate multiplication facts in a fun way that kids enjoy.

Number Bonds

Hit the Button Number Bonds continues to be useful to practise addition and subtraction facts. It includes number bonds to 20, 100, and decimals to make 1 and 10.


If your child is confident at doubling bigger numbers, you can try Top Marks Hit The Button. Choose the level from 12 games beginning with doubles to 10 and progressing in difficulty from 2 digit to 3 digits numbers. Your child could also try doubles involving decimal numbers to 10.


Top Marks Hit The Button is a useful way to practise halving numbers. This topic has 12 games with different levels beginning with halves to 10 and progressing in difficulty from 2 digit to 3 digits numbers and halves involving decimal numbers to 10. You can choose the level that will suit your child. 

Division Facts

Hit the Button games will help children to practise their multiplication and division facts at speed. You can select division facts on individual or mixed times tables up to 10 or 12.

Square Numbers

Square Numbers topic provides a fun way for children to learn all the square numbers up to 10 × 10 or 12 × 12.

Hit the Button Maths include fun online games that helps to increase children’s speed with key number facts and concepts. Parents can encourage their child to play maths games found on www.topmarks.co.uk such as Number Fact Families, Hit the Button and Toy Shop Money Game.

How much does Hit the Button cost?

Hit the Button is available on the app stores as a premium version for iOS and Android devices. Hit the Button is available for free as a web app. The free web-based version needs Wi-Fi and does not have the multi-user facility but is otherwise fully functional with all of the times tables and other math coverage of the app version. It is a great way to try out the Hit the Button experience before purchasing the more functional version for your child's mobile device.

Is Hit the Button safe to use? 

Yes, Hit the Button is safe to use. Parents of more than one school-age child will be pleased to note that the app can track and record the performance of multiple children. There are no safety issues with this as all data is stored only on the device itself. 

What Hit the Button can improve on 

As every challenge uses essentially the same method of play there is not a great deal of variety in the app. This does make it easy to quickly pick up and play, though, as players do not need time to familiarise themselves with the game. Sound is basic but functional in the app. It could be more varied and exciting but as it is, it does not detract from the app or harm its usefulness. 

Bottom Line

Hit the Button is a quick-fire, multi-topic math practice app that covers important topics such as times tables, division and decimals. Available as both a web app and for iOS and Android devices, it is a convenient and effective way to get children to practice their arithmetic skills.

Many parents and teachers will find Hit the Button when looking for ways to assist kids learning times tables but will be pleased to see that it offers other math help too. It does a great job of harnessing children's competitive spirits and provides excellent math practice.

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