History: Maps of World

Price: iPhone/iPad - Free

Inside the app

  • History: Maps of World-1History: Maps of World-2History: Maps of World-3History: Maps of World-4History: Maps of World-5

From the Developer

History: Maps of World is a fun and educational collection of high-resolution historical maps.
Check it out to keep up with your history, learn something about history.


  • Wide variety of historical displays
  • Support for Category/Era view
  • Keyword Search
  • Displays the source about each map
  • Zoom in/out (zoom-in/out with pinch, zoom-in with double tab, and zoom-out with two-fingers tap)
  • Free screen rotation
  • Not require a network connection

The following is a companion.

  • History:Maps of U.S.
  • History:Maps of Europe
  • History:Maps of Americas
  • History:Maps of Africa
  • History:Maps of Asia
  • History:Maps of Middle East
  • History:Maps of Oceania
  • Thematic Maps of World
  • History:Today
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