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History for Kids

  • iPad, iPhone
  • Paid
  • age 16+

About History for Kids

• Enjoy discovering the Ancient World with games and adventures for children to explore our history.

What's in it?
• The app contains multiple games, hundred of HD images and dozens of videos.
• Content for children aged 7 and up. Games for all the family. Hours of fun.
• Games, activities & videos to play & learn about history.

What will you find?
• Ancient Egypt.
• Roman Empire.
• Greek civilisation.
• Medieval ages.
• Vikings.
• First Nations and Indigenous peoples of North America.
• The Inca Empire.
• The Aztec.
• Maya Civilisation.
• History of China.
• History of Japan.
• The old civilisation of Mesopotamia.
• History of India.
• Prehistory.

• Content for children aged 7 years and above.
• Buy once and have it forever.
• No rules or stress – kids play however they want to!
• Fascinating graphics.

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iPad, iPhone



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Planet Factory Interactive

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