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About HiNative

HiNative is a language learning platform that connects students with native speakers. It's essentially an active forum where language learners can ask native speakers questions in exchange for them answering inquiries about their native tongue. 

HiNative is available for free to download on iOS and Android devices.

HiNative Review

HiNative is a web and mobile app developed by the same people who created Lang-8, a language learning social networking site. It's essentially a question-and-answer software for language learners and native speakers where you can have your pronunciation and phrases reviewed.

What do we like about HiNative?

If your target language is more widely spoken, you will receive quicker responses. There is a free version. Native speakers can assist you in correcting your pronunciation. Not only about the language itself, but also about the country and culture of your target language. Over 110 languages are now supported by HiNative.

What skills does it improve?

All languages are supported as long as there is a user who speaks that language. Please keep in mind that unpopular languages may have a small number of speakers in the community, thus your inquiry may go unanswered. As a result, the software is only useful if the target language has a large number of speakers.

What age is it appropriate for?

Appropriate for anyone interested to learn a new language and boosting their skills.

Is HiNative free?

HiNative offers a free trial to the users and has subscription plans.

Is HiNative easy to use?

Simply download the app and establish an account on your mobile device. It's compatible with both Apple and Android devices. HiNative is a straightforward app with basic functionalities that anyone can pick up quickly. The design is also quite user-friendly, and it follows the same pattern as other language learning apps on the market.

How will students benefit?

HiNative is a Q&A software that connects learners of any language with native speakers to help them grasp the language better. It was designed for mobile devices, but it can now also be used on your PC. It's a community of over three million people who have language questions for native speakers.

It's a collaborative effort in which students can ask any question to a big audience of native speakers and receive points for assisting others. The size of your audience will, of course, be determined by the language you're learning.

How will teachers benefit?

It's a nice thing that the majority of its features are free. It expands the app's user base and makes it a more useful tool. Overall, HiNative is a valuable addition to your language-learning collection. It's completely free and works best as an interactive dictionary. It isn't a resource that will teach you how to speak a language on its own, but it is occasionally necessary to have a human respond to and explain difficult queries. That's where this app comes in.

How will parents benefit?

It is user-friendly and may be accessed via their website or mobile app. In the form of a pointing system, there is also a gamified aspect here. You will get more quality and quick points the more replies you provide to other users' questions. The points can be used to advance in the game, and they can also be used to help other users determine your proficiency as a native speaker of a certain language. Aside from language-related queries, the app encourages users to submit questions on cultures and travel tips. As a result, it's fantastic software for both novice and experienced speakers!

What can HiNative improve on?

It's not uncommon for people to ask queries that go unanswered. There is no possibility for sending private messages to let you meet new individuals and practise discussions with natives. Smaller languages may not have as much support or a community as larger languages.

How much does HiNative cost?

For a premium subscription, HiNative costs $5.68 a month or $4.96/month paid annually.

Final thoughts

HiNative has the potential to be a fantastic language learning software, but it falls short in terms of execution. Because native speakers are the only ones who can respond to the questions, the quality of the answers and the time it takes to get them to vary. The voice messaging tools are a nice addition, but they come at a high price, especially since identical functions are available for free elsewhere.

HiNative has the potential to become a huge success. HiNative, unlike other language exchange apps, is designed for short translations, language basics, and cultural questions—in other words, nothing too time-consuming or difficult.

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