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About Henri le Worm

A fantastically-designed app to encourage healthy eating.

Henri le Worm Review

Henri Le Worm is an app for young children, designed to help them learn about healthy eating and cooking. It consists of an interactive story adventure and a recipe book filled with healthy recipes designed by Raymond Blanc. It is well supported by a delightfully rich website. The themes, graphics and characters retain consistency throughout, allowing children to get familiar with what the app and website have to offer.

The app itself is very easy to start using, with just two menu options corresponding to the story section and the recipes section. The story is made up of lots of pages full of beautiful graphics, with several interactive elements on the pages making this far more than a standard e-book offering. The voices and sound effects are crisp and add to the overall professional quality and accessibility of the app. The story itself can be read through in one sitting, which would provide a large chunk of educational entertainment, or it is possible to jump in and out of individual pages, if this suits the way that the teacher wants to use the app in class. This app has clearly been designed with class use in mind and provides many opportunities for class activities.

Where this app really excels is in the linking between likeable garden characters and the healthy diet they advocate. The recipe section of the app contains several recipes that really do live up to the age-old challenge of getting young children to try healthy foods whilst still appealing to their palates. Each of the recipes contains clear instructions, which are easy enough to carry out in a class situation. They are also nutritionally sound choices, with lovely photos that will encourage even the fussiest eater to have a go.

It is worth adding that the developers of this app have tested the app extensively in primary school classes and have made sure that they are providing content that works for teachers as well as the pupils using the app. Due to the accessibility of the story and vivid world created, the app can be used to reach pupils who sometimes struggle to engage in other class activities, or with the concept of eating a healthy diet. The non-threatening approach manages to convey the core messages and instructions without patronising, and could be used to help reluctant learners to engage with other core skills such as literacy and numeracy. 

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Android, iPad, iPhone


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Henri Le Worm

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