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About Hellosaurus: Learn and play!

Hellosaurus is an educational app that gives young kids access to a library of high-quality videos to educate and entertain young kids. Viewers of these videos don't remain passive but are encouraged to interact with them in ways based upon the content. Kids between 2 and 8 are the target viewers for Hellosaurus's videos.

Hellosaurus is available for free to download on iOS and Android devices which lets you view any three videos. A choice of subscriptions unlocks all of the videos, and they can be viewed on all of your iOS/Android devices.

Hellosaurus: Learn and play! Review

What is Hellosaurus app?

Hellosaurus is an award winning interactive video platform that . It includes all of the styles of programmes you might expect young kids to want to watch. The unique feature of Hellosaurus is that its videos have interactive elements to make watching videos a less passive experience.

What we love about Hellosaurus.

Eyecatching visuals, entertaining songs, friendly presenters (including favourites, The Wiggles!), and clear and straightforward themes make for videos that kids enjoy.

Hellosaurus has a large and ever-growing library of shows with all of these features, but its shows have one more - interactivity.

Kids shows have always been more educational when kids don't just passively view them. Usually, parents and teachers had to provide the talking prompts and keep children thinking rather than just observing. This isn't always possible, though, as parents sometimes have to do things other than sitting with their kids.

Kids' show presenters have always asked questions of their viewers, but without the means to give an active response, this is only partly effective. In Hellosaurus, the videos have interactive elements. Sometimes they are overlaid onto the video content, and sometimes they are in a separate section that acts as an interval.

These ask kids to make choices, answer questions, draw on the screen, or even appear in the video via the camera and more—the simple act of responding and interacting swings the video more towards education than merely entertainment.

Of course, this only helps if the videos are of good quality, and thankfully they are. 

Hellosaurus's content is excellent both in the diversity of the subjects it covers and their production quality. Each show looks as professional as any you might see on a mainstream channel. Presenters range from friendly adults to enthusiastic kids.

Stories, songs and educational activities populate the video library.

What skills does it improve?

The full library of content in Hellosaurus covers pretty much everything you'd expect from a media channel aimed at young kids. It has learning content that helps prepare kids for school and content to help them develop socially.

What age is it appropriate for?

Hellosaurus is aimed at 2 to 8-year-olds. Kids introduced to this app at a young age will likely gain more from it because it will be a familiar activity as they grow up, but there is plenty for those in the upper age range.

Is Hellosaurus easy to use?

Kids will have no difficulty finding videos to watch. Hellosaurus has a clear and easyto-use visual interface. The interactions with the videos are always easy to follow, and the presenters link them to the rest of the content as they explain how to play them.

How will students benefit?

Kids with access to the entire Hellosaurus library will have a virtually limitless source of entertaining, stimulating, and educational videos. They will enjoy being more involved with the videos than is usually possible in the content of other apps and media channels. Whether they want to learn something new, sing, dance, or be entertained, they'll find something in this app.

How will teachers benefit?

The videos in Hellosaurus will make great talking points for teachers of young children. The videos are of a good enough quality to be projected to a class display where they can be incorporated into teachers' lessons and accessed on demand.

How will parents benefit?

Parents whose kids have Hellosaurus know that their kids are entertained and educated by quality content, not just filling time. When parents can share screen time with kids, Hellosaurus will provide a great focus. When parents need to get other things done, the app will ensure that kids don't just passively sit in front of a screen.

Parents will be pleased to see that Hellosaurus is not limited to a single device and is accessible on all of their iOS devices. It is a great app to have on an iPad at home and a phone to entertain kids when out.

Is Hellosaurus free?

You can download Hellosaurus for free on iOS and Android devices and watch any three videos of your choice. 

How much does Hellosaurus cost?

This appraisal method is slightly different from other video-based apps, which dictate the videos you can watch. It shows that the producers of Hellosaurus are confident in the quality of all of the content and are prepared to let you see any of it before you buy.

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

Once you subscribe, every video is unlocked, and kids can play each one as often as they choose in any order. New videos are added to the app regularly.

There is a choice of subscription options to suit your budget and the length of time you wish to remain subscribed.

Is Hellosaurus safe to use for kids?

Yes, Hellosaurus is safe to use for kids. All of the content in Hellosaurus is handpicked for inclusion and is suitable for young kids to watch. There is no advertising in the app, and it is certified as being COPPA compliant.

You can share videos with contacts in the app, although this functionality is behind a parental lock that asks you to enter your birth year. It is not the most robust of locks and is unlikely to stop older children.

What can Hellosaurus improve on?

A few of the graphics that appear in the interactive elements are a bit low resolution and jagged, making them stand out compared to the videos' high quality. This is most visible on larger screens rather than phone-sized ones.

The interactive elements in the app do not all check for mistakes or even require any interaction to take place before the video resumes. For example, when a video asks viewers to choose an option, it won't check if the choice is correct and will continue automatically even if nothing is selected. This observation isn't a criticism as it does mean that the videos don't become too disjointed for kids, but it is something that potential subscribers should know.

Currently, Hellosaurus streams each video as it is selected. A means of pre-selecting videos to download would make the app much more flexible for kids to use away from home or when travelling.

Overall rating of the app.

The quality, quantity and variety of video-based content alone is enough to recommend Hellosaurus to parents and teachers of young kids. The additional interactive layer only adds to the reasons to recommend it. Screentime for kids will be educational, entertaining, and enjoyable for those whose parents have taken out a subscription to Hellosaurus.

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