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About Hello Numbers

A delightful app to help instil a love of numbers in the very young. This app has received an EAS Certification of 5 Stars.

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Hello Numbers Review

Hello Numbers is a simple little app that introduces young children to the numbers zero to nine in a compelling and age appropriate way.  Whereas the very idea of numbers and mathematical thinking can be off-putting to children, this app helps redress this view and make numbers cuddly and welcoming. From an educational perspective it is very reassuring to see the number zero introducing the app and playing a key role, since all too often children start learning about numbers only from one to nine, and then struggle to fit the incredibly important concept of zero into their internal number lines as necessary. The clear format of the app involves a brief introduction, followed by the chance to select numbers individually to find out more. Each number has a little rhyme and an action for the child to complete on the screen, each relevant to the number in question. Although simple, it has definite replay value for the intended age group, and children will enjoy getting to know each number's rhyme and characteristics. There is also a chance to play with all the numbers together in the last activity, and some supporting information for parents who want further ideas on using the app.

As well as the app itself, the developers have produced accompanying resources for use at home or in a classroom setting. Information about these is available on their website, but given the way that these products can be used alongside the app, they deserve a mention here too.  The Numbers Alive range includes a set of cuddly, magnetic number characters and a book that can be read alongside the app pages. Ideas for using the soft numbers are provided with the pack, but just to get them out and allow children to feel and play with them alongside the app immediately takes the audiovisual input and adds a very tactile experience. As a set, the little number characters allow for greater creativity in both teaching and learning, sparking the imagination and allowing for different early years number skills to be developed. The book sits well alongside the app too, with similar pages for each number but different rhymes. Stickers are provided that could be used in a range of relevant learning activities. The book also includes a secret “decoder” tool that can be used on every page to find hidden content. There Is also an option to turn on additional secret content within the app if you have a decoder to hand.

As a concept, Hello Numbers has successfully managed to make first contact with numbers an exciting and happy experience for young children, alongside a solid educational foundation.

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