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About Hello English

Hello English is a free language-learning app. It’s essentially a tutor, online course and video game mixed into one application. It has nearly 500 interactive audio and video lessons as well as entertaining practice games for reading, writing and speaking. The app’s dictionary has over 10,000 English words as well. Overall, this is a good beginner app for learning different elements of English.

Hello English Review

Hello English: Learn English is an app that's perfect for non-English speakers to try to learn the language in a relatively quick, relatively simple, and relatively fun way. Of course, all this relativity depends on the user's level of interest and motivation to learn English.

The most interesting thing about Hello English: Learn English is that it provides more than a hundred interactive lessons to help users learn grammar. The best part is that all these lessons can be done offline. The only time you need an active Internet connection is to ask your English teachers any questions you may have.

The thing that's most fun about Hello English: Learn English is that it includes a great game section. It may seem silly, but thanks to the eight minigames included in the app, you can practice your English in a fun and interesting way. Plus, there are games available for every level.

Is Hello English free?

Hello English is free to download with ads and also offers in-app purchases. Hello English is available in the Google Play store, the iTunes store and the Microsoft store. 

Hello English: Learn English is an excellent app for learning English. Inside you'll find tons of interesting lessons, a complete English dictionary, and a good handful of games for practicing English. Whether it's for you or a friend you know who's struggling to learn the language, this app is a great learning resource to check out.

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