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Heat/Thermo Physics Flashcards

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Developer Description

Heat & Temperature, 1st & 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, Heat Engines

Useful for College, High School, and the MCAT Exam. Covers all Heat & Temperature, 1st & 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, and Heat Engine equations. Along with explanations and graphics. Plenty of quiz cards included in the deck. 52 Detailed Cards Front & Back.

Topics covered
- 0th Law
- Converting Temperatures
- Thermal Expansion
- Specific Heat
- Molar Heat Capacity
- Modes of Heat Transmission
- Transmission of Heat by Radiation - Stefan's Law
- 1st Law of Thermodynamics
- Adiabatic Process
- Isothermal Process
- Isovolumetric Process
- Isobaric Process
- Thermal Efficiency of a Heat Engine
- Coefficient of Performance
- The Carnot Cycle
- Second Law of Thermodynamics
- Entropy
- Entropy Change Due to Heat Flow

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