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About Happy Studio

Happy Studios is a collection of fun games​ and activities​​ ​from McDonald’s that encourage children to get creative, complete challenges, practise reading, and much more.

Happy Studio Review

Happy Studio is full of fun games and creative activities to help kids develop useful skills while they play at being an artist, inventor, entertainer, hero or musician.


The app is constantly updated with characters that are visiting the Happy Meal, so there’s always something new to make and do. The games are always changing too – so not all of the games below are available all of the time.

  • Be an Inventor: This game encourages kids to experiment and watch their creations go off with a surprise. Children can build all sorts of machines, then test their inventions to find out if they work!
  • Be an Artist: Kids learn the techniques they need to feel like a real artist – with some surprising results. Explore tools and resources to create drawings, or follow the instructions to learn how to draw a character.
  • Be an Entertainer: Kids take centre stage to learn the art of performance. Playing as a team or solo, they’ll create and star in their own music video or film trailer.
  • Be a Musician: Challenging kids to match musical patterns helps them learn different sounds and rhythms. Kids can get moving to the music and compose their own songs.
  • Be a Hero: Solve three multi-level motion-controlled puzzles. Challenge yourself or play with up to three friends – who is the real Hero?

Happy Studio app for iOS and Android

Get the FREE Happy Studio app for iOS and Android for fun on the go! With the app you'll get cool games, interactive digital books and cards with fun family moment suggestions on the back. And you can also access the Grown Up Dashboard no matter where you are.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes, there are better options like the Balloon Pop Game. It offers all of its features for free and has a fun basic premise that can challenge a child. Peppa Pig’s game requires you to pay, but the app has fun activities to do and helps educate children.

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Android, iPad, iPhone





Cognitive Development
Creative Development


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McDonald's Corporation

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