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About Happy Little Planet

Happy Little Planet teaches young kids about environmental issues through mini-games and narrated and illustrated storybooks.

Available as a subscription after a seven-day free trial, Happy Little Planet is aimed at kids aged between 3 and 7.  The app can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices.

Happy Little Planet Review

What is Happy Little Planet app?

Happy Little Planet contains mini-activities and stories for young kids to learn about the environment and how they can help preserve it. The mini-activities are game-like and straightforward to play. They are just about having fun as they do not contain any tension-building moments like losing lives or running out of time. 

Each game is accompanied by a storybook featuring one or more of the app's menagerie of characters. A narrator reads out the stories so that young kids can learn from them independently and gain context for the games. New content to expand the app is promised to appear every month.  This review of Happy Little Planet app looks at the the app with the content included up to 31 July 2021. 

What we love about Happy Little Planet.

Happy Little Planet has the two laudable aims of helping kids learn and raising awareness of environmental issues. The variety of content, including games and stories, gives the app uses in multiple contexts. 

The presentation in Happy Little Planet is polished with graphics that are crisp, colourful, and clear. The sound effects are bright and cheerful, and the narration of the stories is warm and welcoming.

What skills does it improve?

Happy Little Planet addresses the rarely covered but crucially important subject of the environment. Few apps cover this topic for any age group, and it is good to see one that gets very young kids thinking about it.

As well as prompting kids to think about how their actions might affect the planet, the app also has the potential to help kids build an interest in stories and develop their reading skills.  

What age is it appropriate for?

The app's developers have aimed it at kids between three and seven. It will depend on each child's preference, but the free and relaxed approach to the gameplay is more likely to appeal to the younger ones in this age band. 

Is Happy Little Planet easy to use?

In keeping with the age of its intended users, Happy Little Planet uses a simple interface for users to pick which activities they want to play. Any kids who are comfortable with other apps will find this one easy to use.

How will students benefit?

Happy Little Planet is a fun app with child-welcoming graphics and sounds. Literacy ability is no obstacle to accessing any of the games or stories. Educationally, kids will start thinking about environmental issues from an early age, laying the foundation of scientific knowledge for future school-based learning. 

Children's attitudes to games where there is no sense of peril can vary. Some like the stress-free freedom and the chance to add their own narrative to what they are doing; such kids will enjoy playing through the content of Happy Little Planet. 

Those who prefer traditional gameplay might miss the challenge and structure of such games. 

How will teachers benefit?

Happy Little Planet's easy-going approach makes it ideal for teachers to use as a basis for discussing environmental issues with their class. Whether they are vacuuming up different types of recyclable material or reading a story, this app will give teachers handy visual support for a topic not covered by many other learning resources. 

How will parents benefit?

Happy Little Planet is an easy app for parents to share with their kids. They can read or listen to the stories together or discuss what they are doing as they play the games. 

The activities covering saving energy and recycling might be useful ways for parents to instil in kids the need to switch off lights and electronics when not in use or to separate waste packaging for recycling. 

What can Happy Little Planet improve on?

While it is fine for the games to avoid any game-ending peril, considering the young age of its players, it would be preferable to see a more defined conclusion when players get to the end of some games.   

The app congratulates the player when they get to the end, but the level remains running with nothing further to do. Players, even young ones, tend to be conditioned to expect the app to move them on to the next screen without the player having to end the level manually. Having to do so feels like a glitch, even though it is not. 

How much does Happy Little Planet cost?

At the time of review, the app has been available for a little over two months. The content feels a little light for a subscription app, but the value should improve as time goes by and the developers introduce more games and stories.   

Whenever you download the app, you'll be able to tell what you'll get for your money because there is a seven-day trial of the app that includes all of the available content.

Is Happy Little Planet safe to use?

The content in Happy Little Planet is suitable for young children, and the app does not contain any advertisements. Information for parents is placed behind a parental lock, asking them to enter their birth year to continue.   

Any year between 1900 and 2003 passes the test, making it a bit easy for kids to bypass, but there is nothing risky on the other side. It contains extra information for parents and the app's privacy policy, so nothing to worry about and not something that kids will be too bothered about finding.

Overall rating of the app

Happy Little Planet promises to grow into a fun and educational app. It has little competition in the topic of environmental awareness, so it is good to see an app try to fill this gap.  

When you try this app's free trial, let your kids use it independently and share it with them. You'll both have fun, and your kids might grow to be part of the solution to our planet's environmental problems. 

Also, when you test out the app, consider whether you feel there is yet enough content to provide you with value for money. We rate Happy Little Planet at four stars at the time of review, but it could well be worth five with some more content.

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