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About Happy Geese Full

Happy Geese is two classic board games in one with a wide range of customizable options enable users to make the game super simple or in line with the original games.   The app has been designed with children with special needs in mind and due to the options available can be used as a recreational game for the family or as part of lessons covering a variety of skills including maths, PSHE and social skills groups. 

Teacher Review

Happy Geese is a fairly simple board game app on the surface.  Consisting of two classic games: The Game of the Goose and Snakes and Ladders.  The real advantages of the games come when you start to experiment with the options available in each game.  Each game has 5 different layouts of board which range in size and complexity.  You can also choose from a wide range of different dice which will correspond to the board e.g. rolling by shape, colour, numeral or traditional die markings as well as letters and whether you use 1 or 2 dice.   Users are also able to select which advantages or hazards are turned on or off e.g. you can turn of the snakes from snakes and ladders.  There is an option to have the relevant tile on the board flash to indicate to the player where they need to move their piece to and players are represented by counters and counters can either show illustrated people/animals or use your devices camera to take a photo of the actual players to use on their counters.  
With so many options it is really easy to customize a game that is going to give the appropriate level of support to any young person playing the game and enable them to access group activity they may otherwise find too challenging.  The support can gradually be reduced and the challenge increase as children grown in confidence and are ready to move on.   The game looks beautiful throughout and is really engaging to players young and old. 
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Android, iPhone


Cognitive Development
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Collaboration Skills
Emotional Development


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With Happy Geese, small children and children with special needs will have hours of fun with their family whilst playing Snakes and Ladders and the Game of the Goose.

This version of Happy Geese includes all boards and all dice. This app does not have any In-App Purchases.

To create Happy Geese we have taken two of the most popular classic board games and we have made a simplified version of each. We have then added an intuitive way for you, the parent or educator, to gradually introduce each feature of the game when your child is ready for it.

Our games are designed to be enjoyed by everyone. Young children, children with special needs, their parents, family and friends: with Happy Geese everyone can play together at the same time.


Featured by Apple in 31 countries and #1 Board game in 18 countries

"At last a game for our iPad that I can play with my son. He is 6 years old and loves it because the whole family can play together." Richard C.

"My daughter would get angry with traditional board games because when the die showed a 5, the chip had to go to a cell with a different number. Happy Geese's cells without numbers have resolved this." Ascen G.

"With our child we had tried to play board games. We had tried everything, even creating our own paper boards, but it didn't work. With Happy Geese we have found a game that he loves." Margalida M.

"I had tried for the last 4 years to play board games with my son, but it didn't work. This amazing app removes all the fine motor and concentration challenges and focuses on what should be the essence of any game: having fun together!" S. Planas

"In our pilot study Happy Geese is considered a social app, not merely a game, it offers wonderful therapeutic possibilities." UC Davis MIND Institute

***** FEATURES *****

• Includes Snakes and Ladders and the Game of the Goose
• Highly customizable boards allow you to adapt the games to the abilities of every child
• In each game, select between 5 boards with different levels of difficulty
• 9 different dice with colors, shapes, letters and numbers
• 24 game chips with cute figures of people or animals
• Create custom chips with your own pictures
• Enable or disable snakes, ladders, geese and bridges in each round
• Enable help with turns to help your child see what to do next
• “King of the Game” mode allows you to choose in advance who will win the round (and helps you avoid disappointments at sensitive times)
• Up to 4 players per round
• No Ads and no In-App Purchases


• Learn and follow a set of simple game rules
• Practice 30 basic concepts with different dice and boards: 6 colors, 6 shapes, 12 numbers and 6 vowels
• Practice simple sums with double dice
• Develop fine motor skills
• Stay concentrated and focused with a clutter-free design
• Develop the ability to wait for your turn


• Parents of young children who want a game that can be enjoyed by the whole family
• Parents and educators of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and other learning difficulties

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