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What word would you think of if we showed you pictures of a cat, a dog and a bunny? Animal, fur, maybe pet, or why not cute? Figure it out, spell it and start building your collection of awesome collectors cards from the easy to win Master Monk card to the ultra rare… well it is so rare we can’t even tell you the name.

Introducing Happi Connect & Collect, the latest kids app from the award winning Happi series. In this game kids (and parents) will try to figure out and spell the word that connects three pictures. When you do, you are rewarded with stars that buys really cool and funny collectors cards. Every level has lifelines to help you along if you get stuck. Try not to use them unless you really have to as solving a level on your own will give you the option to save your earned stars for later so that you can afford the hard to get cards at the top of the deck.

Happi Connect & Collect has been meticulously crafted to be:
• Hard to put down (you will want to win all the cards, we promise)
• Educational (you will have to use both your logic and spelling skills)
• Strategic (should I get this card now or save up for a more expensive one)
• Clever (every card has a funny name and status message)
• Beautiful (just look at the screen shots…:-)

Special note to parents: All collectors cards have a name and a short status message which have been purposefully designed to, on occasion, spur questions from your child because it is our goal to involve the parent in the gaming experience. You should expect to hear questions like: What does this mean, how is this funny, why did they call him that…



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