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About Hangman

Hangman is an app that has been created along the premise of popular game that I'm sure most of the population have played at some time! The enjoyable game has been turned into app aimed at helping users learn new vocabulary and extend their language skills as they work through the game trying to beat Blackbeard and solve the secret words.

Being a game based app utilising a familiar format, it is very easy to get hooked playing this game. With 3 levels of difficulty too this means that it can be used as a tool to help young children with their literacy especially in terms of spelling but also in terms of expanding their vocabulary as they come across new words. The graphics are also very in keeping with the types of graphics young people would be used to with popular games such as Roblox giving a great sense of familiarity to the format. A fun little twist on the original game means that instead of being set in the wild west users are taken to the high seas with Captain Blackbeard trying to make them walk the plank.

Users are also able to choose the gender of their character as well as report words that they feel might be misspelt or in the wrong category. With a whole range of different languages available students from a number of countries can also enjoy playing on the app and extending their vocab skills. 

The game is currently only available on Android however, there are plans for this to also be available on IOS.

Hangman Review

What is Hangman app?

Hangman app is an app aimed towards a range of ages to help users in their understanding and use of the English language, especially in terms of spelling and expanding their vocabulary.

Due to the learning in the app it does mean it is probably best used by someone who has a basic at least understanding of the English language and is already able to read. Without this they would definitely find it difficult to access the app.  

What we love about Hangman

Hangman app has a number of really good features that make it a fun learning tool with its gameplay and premise. The fact that there are multiple levels all means that users can progress as they move through the app, most likely without even realising they are learning.  

What skills does it improve?

Hangman app allows users to improve their reading comprehension, their spelling and their understanding of the English language in general. However, as it is accessible with other languages it also allows initial language tuition or entry level learning in the other languages on the app. 

What age is it appropriate for?

Hangman app is rated for children over 4 years however the developer pitches the app at the slightly older end, around the preteen age range. As previously mentioned I think that children need to have a basic understanding of reading to be able to access the app, however with the support of an adult a younger children could use the app and get a lot of fun and learning out of it too. Older students, more in the preteen range will find it simple to use, even if they don't already have an understanding of the hangman game.  

Is Hangman easy to use?

The app has an incredible smooth design and look about it and this also is the case when it comes to its accessibility. As previously mentioned younger children might need a little help and any user looking to extend their language abilities may need a more competent person to support them where as older students will find it simple to use. 

How will students benefit?

Students will enjoy the experience of playing the game in the app and working their way through the through new words and improving their abilities in their language of learning a new one. Utilising the support mechanisms within the app, such as having the category named at the top and the letters used highlighted means that users need to use some critical thinking skills alongside their language skills to select the correct.  

How will teachers benefit?

Teachers can make use of children using this app at home with the parents or on their own. Teachers will know that students will be coming across new words and extending their vocabulary as well learning how to correctly spell a number of commonly used, as well as subject specific type words.  

How will parents benefit?

Parents, especially if they interact with their child during the app have a lot to benefit from it. The app allows parents to see how well their child is doing in the app and how well they are progressing through the levels of difficulty. This may also be in collaboration with their child’s school. For older students, parents will be able to encourage them to access the app and then allow them to work through the game, learning as they go.  

What Hangman can improve on?

I really like a lot about the app, from the design and gameplay to learning that children can access, especially as users won't necessarily realise they are learning as they are enjoying playing the game. One thing I though I do think could be added to really make the game stand out is the ability to add words. This way the learning could be personalised to the user playing the game. 

How much does Hangman cost?

There is a free version of the Hangman app that has adverts in it however, for $0.99 these can be removed. 

What is included with the free version vs. paid?

The free version has the same amount of content as the paid version just with adverts. 

Is Hangman safe to use

Hangman app content is completely child-friendly and contains no content that could be considered inappropriate or unsafe for children. 

Overall rating of the app

Hangman app has received a 5 star EAS rating and this is due to the premise of the app, the learning within it and how the app goes about teaching the users as well the actual gameplay of the app too, especially with a number of fantastic extra additions with in the app.

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You can download Hangman on your Android devices from the Google Play Store.

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