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Inspired by the creative Hands-On Equations program, the app makes it very easy to understand and learn algebra.  Hands-On Equations 3 is recommended for students who have already completed Level 1 and 2 and continues with more lessons that introduce negative numbers in equations. Having helped more than 1 million students through the original gem using physical game pieces, the app is sure to impress even those who don’t struggle with algebra. We had great fun reviewing it and we awarded the app with a 5 star EAS Certification and the EAS Recommended status for its educational value.

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Dr. Henry Borenson, the inventor of the Hands-On Equations program and apps, must have helped many teachers in their mission to teach algebra. We were very impressed by the simplicity of the app and how clearly everything is explained.

Priced at £2.45 the app is worth the money and more for helping struggling students to understand complex algebraic concepts. 

The app opens with the main screen where you can watch a video to learn more about what is ‘Hand-On Equations’ -  the physical game sets of this instructional method have helped more than 1 million students to be more confident and lose their anxiety around the subject.  Students learn faster and understand better when problems are being visualised and this is what the app is best at.

Teachers and parents have to know that in the ‘About us’ page there are a few external links that can be accessed easily by students. We don’t have anything against external links to information, social sharing, etc., but they can distract students and take them out of the app. We always recommend creating a parental control for this type of links.

Before you get started you have to add new user/or multiple and to select one name to access the lessons. Each lesson has video instructions, that you have to watch until the end to unlock the practice tests and then to move to the 10 algebra exercises.  The quality of the video and the instructions delivered are a big part of this app as they hold the key for solving all the exercises. It really feels like there’s a teacher explaining to you - with the added benefits that you can pause, go back and move forward.

In the exercises in Level 3 students learn how to solve equations containing negative constants. These are represented by the green number cubes, which represents the opposite of the red number cubes. Because red and green cubes are opposites students will learn that their value is 0 and it is consider be a legal move to remove them if they are on the same side of the equation.

There is also a review lesson with 10 exercises that will reinforce previous learning. We could definitely see this app used in a classroom environment or at home. Hand –On Equations 1 is a well balanced platform for learning algebra and will offer extra support to students who need more attention.  We are awarding the app with the EAS Recommended Status and a 5 star EAS Certification.

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This Hands-On Equations Level 3 app is intended for students who have already completed Level 1 and 2 of Hands-On Equations and who would like the challenge of more sophisticated equations involving negative numbers.

In Level 3, the student solves equations such as 4x – (-4) = -8 and 3(-x) + 2 = -10 + x, which contain negative constants. The green numbered cube, which represents the opposite of the red numbered cube, is introduced at this level.

Since the red and green number cubes are opposite of each other, when they are together on the same side of the balance, their value is zero and may therefore be removed without affecting the balance.

A video introduction is provided for each lesson. (See the sample YouTube video at Each video introduction is followed by two examples and ten exercises. It is essential for the student to view the lesson video prior to attempting the examples and exercises for that lesson.

Hands-On Equations is the ideal introduction to algebra for elementary and middle school students. Not only will students have fun and be fascinated with the program, their sense of self-esteem will be dramatically enhanced as they experience success with sophisticated algebraic equations.

High school students struggling with algebra will likely experience success and understanding for the first time as they work with this app.

More information on Hands-On Equations can be found at and on YouTube.

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